Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2798 4.7.1943

Total destruction and dissolution of the earth ....

People's spiritual low requires a total destruction and dissolution to take place on earth, from which nothing on earth is left out. And thus people themselves determine the end of the earth in its present form, for the earth is the bearer of the spiritual in a certain stage of maturity. But as soon as a constant regression is recorded, completely different coverings are necessary for this spiritual than the earth has, and therefore it experiences a total transformation, and the deeper humanity sinks the sooner.

Thus a period of development has expired, and the last signs of the approaching end will be the battle of faith, which will express the spiritual low in such a way. For people will stop at nothing, they pursue their goal in the most brutal way. They try to oust God from the hearts of the believers and deprive people of all spiritual freedom, and if God did not support them they would be completely defenceless against these dark forces. But His might and power will be revealed when this time has come .... And His love will prevent His Own from harming their souls .... And thus He lifts them up from earth and destroys what opposes Him and does not acknowledge His power ....



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