Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2799 5.7.1943

State and Activity in the Afterlife Secret ....

It is a mystery to you in what form life awaits you in eternity. You cannot imagine anything as long as you are still bound to the earthly form. .... And yet you know that this external form becomes invalid at the moment of death. However, your knowledge and your ability to imagine live in the earthly kingdom, thus you can only imagine something which has taken on a visible or tangible form, and yet you cannot transfer this form to the kingdom of the beyond as soon as you believe in a spiritual kingdom which should no longer have any earthly creations. And now you are faced with unsolvable problems which will also remain unsolvable for you as long as you are spiritually unawakened and unable to see spiritually.

A high degree of maturity is required which earns you spiritual vision, and only few people will still reach this degree on earth and be able to convey the impressions to fellow human beings which they have gained through spiritual vision. But fellow human beings cannot follow these descriptions as long as they have not attained the same high degree of maturity, and therefore it is impossible that a picture of the spiritual kingdom can be developed for people on earth. It is impossible to give them an explanation which could unravel the mystery of the kingdom of the beyond ..... The beyond remains an insoluble problem for the human being, he will only ever be able to assume according to his human understanding but he will have no certainty that it is as he imagines it to be.

In the spiritual kingdom the beings, if they are not completely imperfect, live in fullest freedom, i.e. they are neither burdened with any external form nor are they in any way urged into activity but everything they do originates from their free will and the urge to love activity. But their activity is completely independent of earthly matter, of an external form, because no being in the beyond is surrounded by matter. Consequently, the being itself is also free from all cover but is nevertheless an individual being which can freely want and determine as soon as it has attained spiritual maturity.

It is the I, the actual beingness, which needs no external form and yet cannot be denied away. And this I feels the absence of a shell as a blessing that it no longer wants to miss. The I is not lost with the death of the body, it outlasts every spatial and temporal change, it always and forever remains the same I, also recognisable to the other souls, although it no longer possesses its outer form. For all perfect spiritual beings also see the spiritual world and are therefore able to see more than they were able to see in their earthly envelopment; they can also be active without limitation because neither time nor space impose restrictions on them. It needs no external form for this and is free and unhindered in every way.

But it is impossible to give the human being a sufficient explanation about the nature of activity in the beyond and about the being in the beyond itself because he lacks all concepts, because nothing on earth can be compared to it, since all earthly laws are invalid in the beyond. But the human being tries to explain everything with earthly laws, and if he eliminates them he would lack every standard, thus his power of imagination would then be insufficient. And thus it would remain a mystery to him unless his spiritual state was so bright that he would be able to see spiritually and God would then solve these questions for him.



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