Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2808 11.7.1943

Leading Father Hand ....

You truly need My guiding Fatherly hand, for you cannot find the right path by yourselves which leads to Me. You do not value your earthly life because the world keeps you captive with its pleasures; and you are in constant danger of forgetting Me above the world. Time and again I therefore have to nudge you, I have to put obstacles in your way which hinder you in your worldly frenzy, which hold you back from worldly activity for a short time, I have to take you firmly by the hand and direct your worldly senses towards the goal of your earthly life, I often have to intervene with all severity if you don't follow My gentle guidance, and then bitter suffering and great affliction are your fate, otherwise I have to give you up for eternal times.

My love for you does not abandon you as long as you walk on earth .... You are all My children, even if you turn away from Me, and I will not leave you .... Yet if you want to enter into your Father's inheritance you, like children, must completely submit yourselves to My will and not resist Me. But as long as you still live on earth you still resist Me, you want to decide for yourselves, you want to oppose My will with your will, you rebel against Me as soon as you don't live on earth according to My will .....

And My will is that you live in love (on earth) and thereby seek to unite with Me .... But your goal is the world; you seek to gain everything the world offers you from it, and the world is not My but My adversary's share, thus you do not seek Me but the one who has opposed Me since eternity. You don't want to acknowledge Me as your Father or you would love Me and be obedient to Me ..... and yet I will not let you .... But I have to resort to painful means, I have to forcibly separate you from the world, I have to take away what your heart is attached to in order to show you that it is not permanent, that it is only illusory goods which shall blind you .... I have to show you that you are in danger of losing Me completely for their sake and thus also give up your child rights. You don't know what this means .... you don't know which trifles you prefer to this right ....

And therefore you feel My guidance to be harsh and cruel which is only caused by My love for you. Recognise Me and My love and try to imagine them as the cause of all your suffering and hardship, then you will also derive benefit from them, you will recognise the futility of worldly goods and now strive for spiritual goods. Let yourselves be guided by My Father's hand, which truly leads you over cliffs and rocks, over thistles and thorns .... The path is short and arduous but it leads to the goal .... whereas the broad path which entices you is indeed strewn with roses but will surely lead to ruin .... because you can only reach the goal by overcoming it .... But the adversary entices you with the pleasures of the world and pulls you into the abyss ....



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