Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2809 11.7.1943

The heart fashioned for love as the dwelling place of God ....

God Himself takes abode in the human being's heart who has shaped himself into love and thus unites with Him ...., for love leads to unity with God; through love the human being aligns himself with the eternal Deity and has reached the goal which was set for you in earthly life. And if the human being is then intimately united with God, his life on earth is only everlasting activity of love, for then God Himself is working in him and His activity is love .....

And then his soul will be ripe for eternity, and if God still leaves the human being on earth it will only be for the sake of his fellow human beings, who should take his way of life as an example so that they, too, will adopt God as their own in serving love and seek unity with Him. God Himself can take abode in a well-formed heart, He can fill the human heart with His grace and love in all fullness, He can express Himself through the human mouth and dwell amongst people who are of good will. For now He will constantly speak to them through His instrument, through the earthly child which has become love, which hears His Word and conveys it to those who want to hear it. And as soon as He Himself speaks to people He will also be recognised in the Word .....

The Word will penetrate the hearts of fellow human beings because it is offered to them in love, because God Himself speaks through those people who are united with Him through actions of love. The human being himself will be blissfully happy, an inner peace will make him happy, he will always feel surrounded by divine care; suffering and misery will pass him by and only his love for his fellow human beings will let him suffer as soon as he cannot bring them help. And again, it is the divine voice which speaks to them from him, and it also awakens love in his fellow human beings who recover from the divine Word if they are ill in body or soul .... and fetch strength and fortification from the Word which God's love offers them through a human being.

A person whose heart God chooses to dwell in Himself can already be called blessed on earth. For he has overcome the earth, even though he still dwells on it. He no longer lacks strength if he is oppressed by the world, he has God within himself and in His proximity he feels strong and invincible. He also pays no attention to the attacks by the world, for he knows that nothing will happen to him without God's will, which is in him .....

He is also not afraid of death, for he knows that he will pass painlessly into eternity, because he who lives in God and has God in him will not know the horrors of death. He only longs to be rid of his physical shell and to behold God face to face .... he no longer demands anything from the world and only finds his happiness and peace in union with God, with the One Who is love .... he wants to be close to God and cannot help but constantly live in love, because love itself is in him and is powerfully active ....



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