Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2812 15.7.1943

Graceful End Times ....

And yet, this time has to be called a time of grace, for God helps people in every way to find the path of ascent, time and again He brings His Word close to them, He tries to guide them into the truth which alone guides their thinking into the right direction. He tries to make them understand that they live their earthly existence for the sake of a higher goal in order to induce them to establish the right relationship with Him. These are all graces which flow to people through His great love and mercy.

And the believing human being is also given extraordinary care in order to be able to successfully endure the final battle of faith. He likewise provides them with extraordinary strength in the form of the divine Word which He imparts to them directly and which will strengthen the believers in the most difficult time of affliction. For He will be amongst them and through His visible appearance encourage and strengthen His Own to fight for Him. And even if it seems, since the earthly adversity is so great, as if God has abandoned people .... He is closer to them than ever .... He only waits for their plea in order to be able to strengthen their souls, even if He abandons the body to earthly suffering ....

For it is not the body which is in danger but only the soul, and the suffering the body has to endure only serves to purify the soul which will thank God for it one day in eternity. Where the human being does not make a decision of his own accord due to the weakness of his will, God urges him to make the decision, for He knows about the human being's weakness of will and comes to his aid, even though the human being as such cannot yet recognise His help. Many an earthly life is shortened and therefore requires increased means of education in this short time. And this is why the time is so extremely sorrowful and yet it can be a blessing for many who, without suffering, would sink without salvation into the abyss ....

It is a time of grace, albeit of immense suffering, yet only through such can humanity still be changed, whereas a carefree life would only increase the distance from God and no longer result in spiritual success. Yet the consequences are so extremely significant for people who have failed in earthly life, the further course of development is so agonising and dreadful that the suffering of the end time can only be called minor because it is only of short duration compared to the suffering the spiritual being has to go through which has failed on earth. And therefore the suffering on earth must still be regarded as a mercy, after all, it still gives people the opportunity to establish the bond with God and thereby avert the worst from themselves .... the renewed banishment into the solid form after the end of this redemption period ...., but this is the fate of the spiritual substances which remain resistant to God and which did not find their way back to God even during the adversity and tribulation of the end time.

These have left God's grace unheeded and must also accept the consequences .... God's long-suffering, love and mercy are exceedingly great, yet a goal is set for the redemption of the spiritual. God, however, assists the spirits with all means of help, He still seeks to save the souls which are not entirely in the adversary's power and therefore guides people to receive grace upon grace .... and only their will is required to let this grace take effect, then even the immense suffering of the last days will be a blessing ........



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