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BD 2813 16.7.1943

Significance of making the connection with God. still on earth ....

It is up to the human being's will to establish the connection with God or not. However, it is decisive for eternity as a whole whether he allows his will to become active in the right way, namely to unite with God. .... He must express the admission of his own weakness and helplessness to God through a conscious call upon God, through prayer, which can also only be sent up to Him in thought, Who alone is strong and powerful. The human being must acknowledge that God is Lord over heaven and earth, and this acknowledgement then also results in submission to His will, which is the purpose and goal of earthly life.

For the being is only then powerful when it no longer places itself outside of God's strength but works in unison with God out of His strength, because the strength from God can only flow towards it when it has given up its former resistance against God, thus no longer expresses any other will than God's will. Giving up resistance therefore means increased strength .... a transformation of one's own lack of strength into an inflowing abundance of strength .... Man enters this state through prayer, through the call of God, which is an admission of his powerlessness and weakness ....

This moment is the actual turning point of his life, when he consciously turns to God. And this moment must absolutely occur in earthly life if his fate is to be decided favourably for eternity. For it is the state of realisation which, although it only begins with this moment and is therefore still of the smallest extent, inevitably leads to increased knowledge because the spell is broken which has caused the night of the spirit.

Once the human being has called upon God in prayer, once he has turned to the powerful Deity, his higher development will progress because the strength from God will support him. But as long as he does not try to establish this bond, as long as he believes himself to be strong or independent of stronger power, his state is powerless and his spirit dark. If he enters eternity in such a state, his struggle there for realisation is incredibly difficult, i.e., he does not strive for it because there is nothing for him which seems worth striving for. And this state is dreadful because it can last for eternities and the opportunity to consciously turn to God is even less recognised and utilised in the beyond than on earth.

In earthly life hardship and suffering often drive the human being to ask for help because the life force in him becomes active and impels him to strive for some kind of change in his state. In the beyond, on the other hand, the soul is completely apathetic as soon as it is powerless, that it does nothing for its own redemption, that it therefore remains inactive, but its will is not forced in the beyond either. If the human being still called upon the eternal Deity in earthly life shortly before his death, the knowledge of Him will also remain with him in the beyond, he will continue to think and deduce, he will pick up where he left off in earthly life, for once faith in a powerful God has awakened in him he will never let it go but turn to Him in every spiritual adversity, he will recognise his own inadequate state and also know that he has not made full use of earthly life.

Through God's call he has already become a recipient of strength, and his soul feels this flow of strength as increased desire for God, even if it is not yet worthy of His nearness. For this is the expression of divine strength, that it inevitably leads towards Him from Whom it originated, that the flow of strength from God thus desires to return there and likewise urges the soul towards Him. .... And this desire for God is also the surest guarantee for spiritual higher development in the beyond ....

On earth the human being often falls back into the old life, into the old way of thinking, as soon as he has left the great adversity which prompted him to pray. In the beyond, however, the desire for God's help remains because the soul feels its lack of strength .... It was not always granted the help on earth which it had requested in prayer and yet the soul felt God's love when it passed away and now constantly longs for this love, even if it has not attained the degree of maturity to be able to enjoy the beatitude of God's vision in the spiritual kingdom.

The spell has been broken by God's conscious call and spiritual striving begins immediately in the beyond, i.e., as soon as the soul has attained realisation its will becomes active and the desire for God stimulates it into loving activity ...., whereas souls lacking initial realisation often remain in complete lack of will for endless periods of time and this is also a state of powerlessness, a state of agony and despair and turning away from the beings of light who want to help them. The beings of light can likewise help the former, and the souls will not close themselves off to their ideas and thus progress in their development.

The more intimately the human being has established the connection with God in prayer on earth the more he has detached himself from the opposing power and the less the soul is exposed to its hostility in the beyond. For God will not let the soul fall once it has fled to Him in its adversity and distress, and a heartfelt call for help will always bring it spiritual success, even if God in His wisdom and love does not fulfil the earthly request and ends the person's life. He knows about people's weakness of will and thus He truly knows best what serves the soul. And He will always give it the greatest possible opportunities for development, both on earth and in the beyond.

Yet nothing is as necessary and significant as the recognition of the eternal Deity while still living on earth .... as the conscious contact with God in prayer ..... For then the human being recognises a powerful and mighty Being above himself and confesses his weakness and helplessness .... And then God takes hold of him and inevitably helps him upwards ....



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