Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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The Spark of Divine Love ....

The spark of divine love, which is placed in every human being's heart, also ensures his existence as long as it is God's will, i.e. God gave life to the human being for the purpose of his higher development, and He will not end this life before he has fulfilled his task as long as the human being strives upwards, because God does not proceed destructively against Himself and the spark of love in the human being is His share. Therefore, every person who constantly strives upwards would be able to reach a great age because he exclusively uses his life for the salvation of his soul.

But if he ignores his soul his life is not only spiritually but also earthly endangered, for God can call him away prematurely out of mercy in order to prevent a complete apostasy from Himself .... but the human being's turning away from God can also contribute to the adversary's strength increasing, so that it will overflow him and suffocate the divine spark of love, so that he will no longer be able to receive any strength from God and this will signify a complete decline for body and soul. Then earthly life is pointless for him and will be taken away from him. Then he will have severed all connection with God of his own accord, even though the connection with Him will continue for all eternity.

But once the divine spark of love has been extinguished in him, life is also extinguished, first spiritually, then also earthly. For to live means to be constantly active, to live means to use the strength from God to work .... Without strength, however, it is not a state of life but a state of death, powerlessness and torpor. The divine spark of love is therefore the breath which awakens life, which constitutes life and which can now be ignited into the brightest flame, so that constant activity in love is the effect of a brightly shining flame of love which has its origin in God.

A person who lives on earth without love is already spiritually dead, God only does not withdraw His love from him yet, that is, He still allows the spark of love to glow so little in him that it can still ignite. For as long as the human being lives he is given the opportunity to do so. As long as the human being lives he will also feel love within himself, only it is often a wrong love, a love for things which distract from God instead of turning the whole love towards Him. And such love for the world, for earthly matter, will always stifle the divine spark of love in the human being, thus rendering him incapable of unselfish activity of love.

Working in love is the expression of the divine spark of love which was ignited and becomes a flame. The more this flame flares up the more it warms the human being's heart; it takes hold of everything so that the human being cannot help but be active in love and radiates his love to everything that surrounds him, so that his love also ignites the spark of love in his fellow human beings' hearts again and a constant activity of love is the result, which is absolutely necessary for the soul's redemption ....



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