Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2819 20.7.1943

Spiritual Progress - Constant Struggling and Fighting ....

Every spiritual progress has to be fought for .... it will always have to be preceded by self-conquest if the soul is to mature and achieve spiritual success. And therefore the will always has to become active, the human being is not forced to do so but he has to think and act in complete freedom of will .... And therefore it is often made difficult for him to test his will, obstacles are placed in his path, temptations of all kinds approach him which he can only resist with utmost willpower, and if he does so he will inevitably ascend. Therefore, the human being's fate on earth is constant struggle and overcoming, because otherwise he cannot reach ascent.

Earthly life is a test in which the human being is to prove himself, and he will fail if he does not constantly struggle and strive. For God wants to kindle the desire for Himself in the human being, He wants to strengthen it through every resistance so that the human being will strive ever more and thereby come ever closer to Him. There is no ascent without a struggle, for even the willingly loving human being has to fight against himself, he has to suppress all self-love, he has to deny himself what he wants to do to his fellow human being, and this is always an inner struggle before he has reached that degree of perfection which lets him forget himself.

As long as earthly matter surrounds the human being he has to fight against it, and it requires much willpower to completely free himself from the desire for it because the body is still too closely connected to it. But the person striving towards God increasingly puts matter aside, and when he is confronted with the choice he easily gives it up because God helps him in this battle as soon as He sees his will, thus the battle will be the easier the more the person strives towards God with desire. For then love will also be stirred in him and this will far sooner divest itself of everything that hinders the human being's ascent.

Anyone who has love has already travelled the path of battle and emerged victorious, he has progressed spiritually and now his life will be easier, for he is now of service and therefore no longer needs to fight ..... And every service in love is spiritual progress, every service in love is an overcoming of oneself of one's own free will, which was preceded by a struggle as soon as the human being stood in a low degree of maturity .... He must not become despondent, for a high goal crowns his eager striving. He must always be mindful that he walks the earth for the sake of this goal and that only one thing is demanded of him .... Submission to divine will .... which he has so far resisted ....

This requires overcoming and struggling until he has become love and fulfils divine will without resistance .... until he has the same will and has thereby come close to God ....



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