Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2820 21.7.1943

Suffering of the End Times Last Resort ....

Since eternity this battle in the end time has been foreseen, and since eternity the divine will has been in effect, which in wisdom and love guides everything that happens in the universe. And thus God also knows the only means which are still successful in these end times ..... And no matter how cruel they appear, He nevertheless applies them so that a part of humanity will still be saved from the final downfall. It is a time of terror, a time of extreme unkindness and most dreadful events, but also a time of grace ..... For grace is every suffering, no matter how severe, that brings man to realise his own helplessness, that lets him find and walk the path to God and pulls him back from the abyss of complete faithlessness.

God's merciful love does not leave His creatures, and whatever can bring them salvation He applies, even though people do not recognise it as God's activity of love. And thus the suffering still has no end and increases from day to day, for disenfranchised humanity is itself the instigator and cause of this suffering on earth. Since eternity God foresaw people's will and unkindness, and since eternity the plan of Salvation for the souls still to be saved has been based on it.

For what people want, what they inflict upon themselves, God does not prevent, but He still allows the effect to be a blessing for those people who have not completely fallen prey to God's adversary. They are in great adversity and can only be saved through immense suffering, which is hardly bearable for them, and yet it can be a blessing. ....

The end time is a time of purification, a final time of testing in which the human being can prove himself once again if he has failed before. The end time is a time of dissolution and separation, and spirits will separate from each other. And anyone who recognises the end time as such is no longer in danger, for he has already found the path to God ..... But anyone who still only sees world events and does not perceive divine guidance in them is still very worldly-minded and his distance from God is still very great, otherwise he would have to recognise the last days by their cruelty .... For people rage against each other and are under the control of forces which are completely distant from God and unloving, which want to destroy everything and make use of people's will because they themselves do not possess the power and strength to have a destructive effect on that which God's love brought into being in order to help the spiritual beings which have become apostate to Him.

These works of destruction betray satanic influence, thus the will of those who carry them out will have to answer to God for their thoughts and actions. And yet God also allows this because His love and wisdom already has the following possibilities of development ready, because He also gives the spiritual, which is bound in form, new possibilities again to develop upwards. Yet the spiritual substance which has become free and is still entirely immature still contributes to people's tribulation, and thus people's suffering and adversity will become ever greater; it will assume proportions which are inconceivable and yet be permitted by God again as a means of education for humanity, for the last time of grace is only of short duration ..... Then the gates to eternity will close for a long time, and therefore God will still use all means beforehand because His merciful love wants to save what can still be saved ....



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