Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2830 29.7.1943

Fusion through love ....

Whoever has love also has My spirit, and whoever is active in love will obviously experience the working of the spirit in himself. For I Myself Am present where love is. And My presence can be recognised by the fact that I speak to the one who lives in love and make him happy through My Word. Thus I Myself am in the Word with people who fulfil the commandment of love, as I have promised. My Word is truth, and if you humans want to experience the fulfilment of My promise in yourselves you must live a life of love, you must keep My commandments. .... I truly do not place a great burden on you and do not demand anything unfulfillable from you, yet I cannot release you from this commandment if you want to unite with Me, if you want My spirit to come alive in you and I to be with you in the Word.

Love alone is the binding agent which unites you indissolubly with Me. Whoever lives in love remains united with Me for all eternity. I Am with him wherever he is, My spirit always and constantly teaches him, My Word sounds to him daily and hourly as soon as he desires to hear it, My strength flows through him and constantly impels him to be active in love, and thus he belongs to Me for all eternity ..... For I Myself Am love, and anyone who shapes himself into love is, as it were, a part of Me which strives towards its original origin again and thus has reached its spiritual goal .... to be intimately merged with Me again in order to be able to immerse himself in My eternal flow of love.

The merging of all spiritual substances into love is an incomparably blissful process which cannot yet be grasped by you humans as long as you live on earth. And yet, this intimate fusion has to be striven for on earth, the human being has to strive towards Me in ignorance of the effects, he has to shape himself into love without knowing the beatitude which will result from it in eternity. But I already let him experience a foretaste on earth by making him happy with My Word, the evidence of My presence and My greater than great love for people.

With this Word I seek to win all people. To taste the bliss of receiving requires loving activity, and every person shall be stimulated to do so in order to come into possession of My Word. If My spirit is also to be able to work in a fellow human being he must practise love and thereby draw Me to himself, thereby he awakens the spirit in himself to life, he shapes his heart into a dwelling place for Me and eagerly awaits Me ..... And once again I can take abode in a person and merge with him .... And this is what My Word shall achieve, that people long for My nearness, that they comply with what I demand of them through My Word, that they shape themselves into love, that they are constantly active in love and thus fulfil the preconditions which result in My personal presence.

I do not deny any human being to unite with Me, yet this always presupposes profound, unselfish love, but this connects us indissolubly with each other. My spirit of love permeates everything that turns to Me with love and impels it into ever more active love .... And anyone who is united with Me hears My Word .... and My nearness is palpable to him, for he feels it as bliss in his heart, as peace and constant longing for My expression of love .... as desire for My Word ....



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