Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2831 30.7.1943

Mission of those who want to serve God ....
Spreading of the truth ....

It is an extremely difficult mission to lead people who have fallen away from God back onto the right path .... onto the path of knowledge that leads to God. It is a mission that requires extreme patience and the greatest love and perseverance, which is why only few people make themselves available for such a task. But these few work for the kingdom of God and will also be blessed as long as they devote themselves to this work. The lack of God-trained strength has the effect that people rarely only walk in truth, and this in turn results in them not valuing their earthly life highly enough to make appropriate use of it for their souls.

If they are offered the pure truth, that they understand the human being's purpose and goal on earth, then they will also live life accordingly, if they are not completely opposed to God and believe they can remain without any knowledge. Anyone who does not acknowledge God will not accept any teachings and will hardly be led onto the right path ..... But anyone who is not completely opposed to God can come to realisation through the truth offered to him as soon as it is conveyed to him in love and patience.

Truth speaks for itself alone, truth carries the strength within itself, and everything would appear easily comprehensible and acceptable to people if they had not been offered error before, which would have clouded their vision and weakened their will. And yet, error has to be displaced by truth, and this is the mission of those on earth who want to serve God, who themselves know the truth and therefore also realise the consequences of living in error. They have to be constantly active in passing on the truth which they themselves receive from God for this very mission. Most of the time they will meet with resistance, they will experience more rejection than approval and yet they must not be discouraged by this.

Love for the erring souls must drive them to take care of them again and again and to instruct them in the truth. For at the same time as the earthly labourer the Lord's spiritual labourers are also active, who try to intervene in the train of thought of erring people and likewise endeavour to change their thinking. Every support on earth through consciously directed conversations into the spiritual realm is gratefully accepted by the teaching beings in the beyond, after all, it is often the cause for reflection which gives them the opportunity to exert their influence on people's thinking.

And therefore an earthly person's willingness to contribute to the spreading of the truth from God will always be blessed by God, after all, it is a matter of bringing help to those who are without contact with God, who are so distant from Him that they are unable to recognise Him, and who therefore pass away in darkest spiritual night. Even if the efforts on earth have little success, they often still have an effect in the beyond and can then be the beginning of a change of heart, the beginning of one's ascent upwards. The divine Word, the pure truth, which is offered to a person in love, has an effect as strength if only it is not openly resisted.

And this strength has a lasting effect as soon as the human being mentally takes a stand on the truth, even if it takes a long time. For this reason it is impossible to work diligently enough on the spreading of divine teaching, for error is great amongst humanity and thus also the spiritual hardship which requires help. And no labourer in the vineyard of the Lord shall be discouraged by rejection, mockery or displeasure of those to whom he wants to offer the truth. His zeal will not be unsuccessful and the souls will thank him one day that his love has taken care of them. .... The effort to guide erring souls into truth will not be abandoned on the part of the beings of light, even if they constantly oppose it .... because everything that is full of light and stands in truth is constantly active for the salvation of erring souls ....



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