Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2839 6.8.1943

Suffering and tribulations through divine intervention ....

For many people the suffering and tribulations only begin with the divine intervention, for they remained untouched by it before and ignored all admonitions. The adversity of their fellow human beings did not bring about a change in their thinking, and therefore an adversity must now come upon them which is, as it were, the last means of their salvation ..... And that is why the countries will now be affected which until now have been spared severe suffering and which are nevertheless not blameless for the world events which brought unspeakable suffering upon the people.

Many people pass by the hardship of their fellow human beings harshly and without feeling, and it is they who have to go through the suffering themselves, which their will approved of when it came upon their fellow human beings because they saw their enemy in the latter. And what people inflict on their fellow human beings now falls back on them a thousandfold ..... And they now have to atone in this way, except that human will cannot put an end to the misery, for it is not human powers which now express themselves but divine will itself is at work and strikes people at their most vulnerable point ..... He takes all possessions away from people, He makes them poor and weak and completely dependent on His grace.

And in this adversity the human being shall learn to recognise that he is unable to do anything on his own, he shall learn to understand that God is just and that He sensitively punishes people who have transgressed against Him and His commandments, but that He also protects those who are closely united with Him, even though they are surrounded by people to whom God no longer means much. And many will still come to their senses and compare their own fate with that of those people whose downfall was determined on their part.

What God now sends upon people is so powerful and sorrowful that every thinking person would have to recognise a higher will in it and go within himself. But again he will only think of himself; he will not see the general misery, but only look at himself and his lot. And thus neighbourly love will be little practised, everyone will only strive to improve his own lot, and again he will pass by his fellow human being's hardship ..... And God, Who knows every will, therefore sends such great suffering upon people in order to change this will, in order to make them soft and compassionate and to let them seek refuge with Him Who alone can change their fate for the better again.



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