Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2847 12.8.1943

Redemptive activity exceedingly important ....

The redemptive activity on earth is so extremely important that God blesses every willing person and equips him with strength to carry out this activity. He needs labourers in His vineyard and yet can only employ those who submit to this work of their own free will. But as soon as the human being is willing all sources of help will be opened to him, strength and grace will be supplied to him and his ability will be trained so that he will then eagerly pursue his activity which is meant for the redemption of the erring souls on earth.

Anyone who has once placed himself at God's disposal full of devotion has expressed his will to serve Him, and he will now no longer be left out .... because his help is needed on earth and such can only be carried out by people. Humanity is so far removed from faith that all the stronger faith is required in order to bring God's transmissions to fellow human beings. A person's will must try to bridge the gulf which separates God from the whole of humanity due to their unbelief; a profoundly devout person must receive what God has intended for all people, what He would like to offer them but is not desired by them .....

A profoundly devout person has to be the mediator between God and the unbelievers, he has to inform the latter of God's love and His will, people have to hear through his mouth what God wants to say to them, what they need to know in order to come closer to God again, and this mediation is so extremely important because the proclamation of divine will is first necessary if help is to be brought to these otherwise lost souls. For they, too, have to find their way back to God of their own free will, they cannot be forced into a different way of life, into faith in God and into loving activity ..... They have to turn to God of their own free will and can only do so if they are informed of His love and kindness, so that the will to strive towards this eternal love is awakened in them. For only in this way can they redeem themselves.

And therefore the transmitter of divine will contributes towards redemption, because otherwise people cannot receive the information about God's will. Since they are already too far away from God themselves, God cannot express Himself to them directly, they do not hear His voice and therefore need a mediator who is in contact with God and thus knows about God's will. This activity on earth is so necessary, since humanity walks in error, in spiritual darkness. And therefore God will not leave a person without strength and grace who offers to help these erring people; He will strengthen them in every weakness of will, He will show them their paths, He will guide and protect them on all ways, and His grace will constantly be with them ....



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