Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2848 12.8.1943

Mark of Truth ....
Love Work ....
Enlightenment ....

Love brings you closer to truth, for wisdom is born from love. But love must be unselfish, it must be divine, because truth is also of divine origin, thus the divine can only be gained with the divine. And thus anyone who only kindles love within himself and lets it flare up into a bright flame will become wise .... However, God places this condition on people that they first be lovingly active in order to be able to receive divine wisdom; that they let the love they feel in their heart become action; that they give and help where it is necessary, that they try to make their fellow human beings happy with everything they themselves are happy with, with what they possess and their neighbour lacks. Their love should be willing to make sacrifices, then God will reward such love by enlightening their spirit, by endowing them with rich knowledge, by leading them out of dark night to the brightest light .... Towards Himself, Who is the eternal light, the eternal truth and the eternal love ....

When love enters your life, which is pure and selfless, you will also enter the spheres of light, because from that moment on you will also be introduced to knowledge, at first unconsciously but soon you will become aware of a strength which was previously unknown to you, a strength which pushes you towards God and which comes forth from God .... It is the strength of the divine spirit which works in you as soon as you are active in love .... which gives you information about things which are beyond your knowledge, which imparts wisdom to you according to the extent of your activity of love. This strength is not externally recognisable yet it cannot be denied, it constantly gives to the love-dispensing human being, it enlightens him and thus constantly increases his knowledge, and since this knowledge is pure truth it must lead to God, Who is, after all, Truth Itself ....



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