Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2851 15.8.1943

Truth - Belief ....
Limitation of Knowledge ....

All results of spiritual research must be recognised if they are subjected to serious examination and if the examiner himself desires to recognise the pure truth. For if he seeks the truth, then he also seeks God. But if the will for truth is low, then a serious examination is also questionable as soon as spiritual goods are presented to him. Then the most convincing evidence can be presented to him, it will not move him to acknowledge anything because he opposes it with his intellectual thinking, which moves along erroneous paths.

And therefore the deeper knowledge remains withheld from the human being, he lacks all truth, he has no understanding for the spiritual world, he does not observe the laws of the inhabitants of the spiritual world, i.e., he does nothing to let these forces take effect on him because he does not recognise them. And yet he is considered worldly .... He transfers his conviction to people of the same spirit without finding the resistance to which the bearers of truth are exposed. Error asserts itself and truth finds little recognition. And this is caused by the human being's free will, on which God does not impose any constraint and lets him use his intellect as he sees fit.

However, due to the freedom of will he is also responsible for his thinking, for just as he lets the opportunity pass which would result in him recognising the truth, he could also make use of it ..... For the thinking person should use his intellect in the right way, he should weigh up all pros and cons and then decide; he should not remain one-sided as long as he is not inwardly convinced to be knowledgeable. And he will lack this conviction as long as he still walks in error. Only pure truth gives him the innermost conviction to be knowing.

The human being as such knows about the limitation of his knowledge, and he must therefore judge all results of human intellectual thinking as inadequate knowledge, consequently he cannot with full conviction champion the unconditional truth of these. Deeper knowledge has to be gained in a way which excludes intellectual thinking, although it then has to be received and processed with the intellect in order to become the human being's spiritual property.

And this knowledge, which comes from the heart, which the spirit in the human being imparts to him who, as part of God, knows everything, also gives the human being the conviction to know the truth, and then he need never ever surrender it, he need not fear his fellow human being's intellectual enquiry, for this will not be able to refute or weaken his results .... truth can no longer be suppressed once it has been gained and has become spiritual property. But error is changeable, and yet it remains error until pure truth has displaced it .... until the human being's free will seriously desires the truth and accepts it without resistance ....



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