Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2890 21.u.22.9.1943

Spiritual looking ....

The life-giving flow of strength, which has its origin in God, is continuously supplied to all creatures and works of creation in order to ensure their existence. This supply of the flow of strength is a process which does not appear visibly and yet can always and everywhere be felt by its effect, for without God's supply of strength all life would die, all works of creation would disintegrate and all existing things would cease to exist.

But as soon as the human being has attained a certain maturity of soul he will also be able to see the flow of strength, he will be able to perceive the changes which take place in the works of creation, he will be able to see through the works of creation and observe the inner processes which take place through the supply of strength; he will be able to recognise the way in which the supply of strength takes place and thus recognise all spiritual activity with his spiritual eye. And there will be no end to his astonishment, for he will see these currents of strength originating in the spiritual kingdom and their effects taking effect on earth, he will see an immensely busy activity in the universe which connects the spiritual kingdom with the earthly kingdom and which takes its course in utmost order and regularity.

This spiritual vision through matter can extend to all creations which are accessible to the human eye; but it can also encompass spiritual creations beyond the earthly as soon as the degree of maturity of the visionary is very high. Then every connection will be clear to him, for nothing is veiled to him anymore, even though the soul still dwells in the earthly shell. But its earthly life will not last long once it has reached this spiritual degree. And a person who has this spiritual vision is also able to convey his impressions clearly and understandably to his fellow human beings, for his degree of maturity makes him capable of doing so, but only a few are receptive to it.

(9/22/1943) The spiritual observer has full realisation himself and therefore he also knows about the connection and the meaning and purpose of the individual works of creation, he also knows about their connection with God, and he recognises the flow of strength which animates and constantly flows through everything as the source of strength which has its origin in God. This spiritual vision is no longer an earthly state and is therefore only achieved by a few, because it would not be beneficial for a not yet mature person and fully mature people rarely exist on earth.

But in individual cases God already allows this state on earth in order to reveal Himself and His greatness to those who love Him and strive for perfection on earth. Thus spiritual vision is a glimpse into the spiritual kingdom, into God's rule and activity, which, however, is difficult to make comprehensible to fellow human beings. For only in a completely detached state can the beholder absorb it, but as soon as he wants to render it earthly, words fail him, for they are supernatural processes for which man has no capacity of imagination.

It is a magical pulsation, a changeful interplay of forces, which is indescribably sublime and meaningful and which reveals the wisdom, omnipotence and love of God. It is an image that makes the observer fall into blissful rapture and urges him ever more towards God, Who reveals Himself to him in such a great and overwhelming way. And his longing will soon be fulfilled, for the spiritual observer will not stay on earth much longer once he has reached this degree of maturity. For he is only able to communicate to a very few people .... because a certain degree of maturity is also required for understanding .... who, in turn, shall only be spurred on by his descriptions to attain the higher degree of maturity already on earth, because this earns him the childship to God and makes him the most blissful being of light one day in the spiritual kingdom ....



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