Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2931b 20.10.1943

Light Bearers ....
Word of God ....

He who believes in Me will live for eternity .... For the adversary will lose his power over him. And thus it only depends on your faith which you have to prove by doing what I have commanded you .... to live in love. But then you will also realise whether and when you know the truth. And you will accept My Word wherever and in whatever form it is offered to you. For My Word is not bound to a book, to a scripture, to a place .... it sounds everywhere in the hearts of people who believe in Me and keep My commandments.

And it convinces people who listen to it if they live in love and are wholeheartedly gentle and humble towards My will, who hand themselves over to Me, who entrust themselves to My guidance and thus also open their hearts to My voice. And I will always speak to people as soon as it is necessary, as soon as they need My strength which My Word imparts to them. I Myself will be with people in the Word, as I have promised .... but those who are unable to hear My voice, whose hearts are not receptive even if they are able to do so, because they lack faith in My activity of love, because faith in My omnipotence, wisdom and love has not yet come alive in them such that they find My activity comprehensible.

In merciful love I look upon My living creations which are bound by the adversary's power and lie on the ground because they don't want to see Me, because My light seems unbearable to them ..... And therefore I send light bearers to meet them who offer them the light in a veiled state .... Yet these are regarded as emissaries of the adversary who could never bring them light again. And even those who believe they are in the light do not recognise the messengers of heaven. They resist it and yet cannot be convinced in any other way than through My Word, which speaks for itself if they willingly let it affect them. Yet My bearers of light shall not be deterred .... they shall continue to administer their ministry, they shall speak without shyness and let Me rule, for I help where they are unsuccessful; I will come again and again as long as the human being's will does not openly turn away from Me .... For My love and patience know no bounds, and My mercy applies to all people who are in spiritual hardship ....



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