Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3734 03.04.1946

Simple form of prayer ....

The simple form of prayer is pleasing to Me .... Anyone who talks to Me in elaborate words and sentences will not be able to generate the depth of feeling which alone finds its way to My heart. But when a prayer comes from the heart it is like a simple expression of innermost feelings and its simplicity will not fail to have an effect because I will hear that call every time and comply with it. I ask for a child's trusting prayer to its Father, which holds nothing back and is unpretentious and thus pleases the Father; whereas all stilted speech originates more from intellectual thought than from the heart and restricts the relationship of the child towards its Father. A devout prayer is a silent dialogue with Me in all humbleness and love, in trust of My constant assistance, of an affectionate answer .... Such a prayer finds My favour .... But I take no notice of formal prayers because they do not arise from your hearts and therefore cannot be experienced like a personal prayer. And it is not the length of a prayer which increases its effectiveness but only its sincerity ....

You should indeed pray incessantly, however this Word should not be taken to mean that you should linger in the practise of long formal prayers, which are not of the slightest value before Me, rather you should think of Me constantly and communicate with Me. This will give Me pleasure and you can derive endless grace from it, because your permanent unity of thought with Me makes you receptive to My grace: when you start your day's work with Me, when you consult Me in everything you do and thus allow Me to stay near to you due to your own request which you prove in your thoughts every time you unite with Me in prayer. Your heart has to be involved if I Myself want to work on and within you. But you will not be able to achieve an effect with an empty prayer, even if you spend much time on it, because then I cannot hear the voice of My child, which alone receives from the Father what it requires and requests. And when you feel like My children your prayer will be childlike and simple too, you will not need formal prayers because they will not give you the comfort and strength, they will appear as empty talk to you. Because the right relationship with Me also urges you to use the right words, like a child speaks to its Father, and then your prayer is indeed pleasing to Me ....




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