Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3735 04.04.1946

Spiritual meaning of the Word ....

Every Word I said when I lived on earth incorporates a profoundly spiritual meaning, even where it concerns earthly issues. You should strive to understand this spiritual meaning and thus receive My Word with the desire to understand it spiritually. For what I said and did on earth happened for the sake of the souls who were supposed to achieve perfection while still on earth. Hence your thinking should be spiritually orientated in order for the soul to derive benefit from My Word. Only then will you recognise the immense value of what I conveyed to you on earth, and only then will you also be able to assess the immense gift of grace which is now conveyed to you through the transmission of My Word, which you receive from Me directly. Each one of My Words cautions you to act kindly. This certainly includes earthly activity too, but if the earthly deed is not inspired by the spirit of love it has lost its value for the soul. Whatever you do on earth can only be considered and valued as an activity of love when the spirit of love is involved, otherwise an action will only be effective in earthly life .... And thus it is the spirit which first gives a person's deed its value for eternity.

And if you look at each one of My Words from this point of view you will realise how diligently a person has to improve himself in order to provide his soul with the benefit of My Word. He has to understand each one of My Words spiritually, only then will he comply with it and fulfil My will. Hence it follows that actions which demand external gestures, externally recognisable deeds, with the exception of compassionate help for a fellow human being, could never be My will because the correct compliance with My Word is psychological work which need not be visible to any other person, which is only recognisable by its effects but not by external actions. Discover the spiritual meaning in each of My Words and you will have to admit that I do not expect any particular deeds on your part .... when I remind you to be humble, peaceful, compassionate and just .... All this merely requires psychological work, for an externally visible action does not guarantee the spirit of what I ask. Only the effect is recognisable in the person himself, just as the loving deed for one's neighbour is indeed also perceptible to the human being and yet need not incorporate the spirit of love, if the person's mind is not spiritually orientated.

The result of your conduct in life is apparent in the orderliness which necessarily has to result in an inclusion of My will. Consequently, you humans can follow My Word without being spiritually active by leading a way of life as a product of your upbringing which outwardly does not contradict My will, and yet you do not greatly benefit your soul because you do not understand My Word spiritually, you do not ascertain the spiritual meaning of My teaching of love .... And thus you will not be able to completely remain within My order, since I first have to make you aware of the fact that you do not take enough notice of your soul. For this reason heart and intellect have to become active if you want to mature spiritually, you have to accept My Word with your heart and follow it by being motivated by your heart, otherwise it will remain ineffective in you in spite of your apparent fulfilment of My commandments. Try to understand the spirit of My Word and you will derive the most abundant blessing from it, because what I give to you is intended for eternity and not for your temporal life. Hence you should make an effort to gain eternal life, and therefore you also need to be spiritually very active since it is the spirit which generates life ....




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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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