Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4887 01.05.1950

Remorse of souls who rejected divine gifts of grace ....

Souls will find themselves in serious spiritual difficulties if they have been approached by Me in the Word and did not accept it as the Father's voice. For they have the ability to recognise it, they merely lack the will to consider it seriously. Yet one day these souls will realise it and then their remorse of not having utilised My precious gift of grace will be huge and their self-reproaches will be inconceivable torments. Anyone who is offered My gift of grace is in fact being called to work spiritually, because I know his soul's degree of maturity and want to further its progress. He is capable of understanding as soon as he is willing to live in truth. Hence he will face the crucial decision to either follow eternal truth or the world, and it is then up to his will to choose which path to follow. Consequently, a person who can choose between two directions and voluntarily takes the wrong path has to be answerable for it. The soul is subconsciously aware of this and therefore in difficulty, even if the human being's intellect wants to dismiss such considerations. Then soul and intellect will argue about significant spiritual disagreements, and blessed is the person whose soul is still able to convince the intellect of its error before it is too late, that is, before the soul leaves its mortal shell.

But if it enters the spiritual kingdom in a state of darkness then it will experience the light, which should have illuminated it, like a fire within itself. For even in a state of ignorance the soul will remain conscious of the fact that it dwells in darkness due to its own fault, because it had fled the light that was ignited by My love and grace. Then it will live in great anguish and long for this immense gift of grace, which it cannot receive again once it has been rejected. Although it can be helped by the beings of light they will not appear to the soul as carriers of light, instead the soul's free will is tested in a different way, so that it will have to make a crucial decision again .... to follow the souls of light, which do not identify themselves but want to be of help .... or to remain obstinate and decline the light beings' assistance. Just as the human being on earth is not forced to accept the light that shines to earth from above, the souls' will in the spiritual kingdom also decides whether they should accept the help that is constantly offered by My eternal love in order to guide them towards progress.

On earth, however, they have an exceptional gift of grace in My Word, which will result in their spiritual maturity with certainty. Therefore, it is irresponsible to ignore My Word which is offered to people from above, and to be indifferent or completely negatively inclined towards it. And, understandably, it has to be extremely depressing for a soul to know that it had ignored the most certain means for attaining eternal life and has to dwell in an unfortunate state in the spiritual sphere of darkness and misery. Yet it was of its own free will, it will have created the pitiful state of its own accord and now either has to endure it or voluntarily strive to change, thus make use of every opportunity My love and mercy provide so that it will still be able to ascend and enter the kingdom of light, if only after an infinitely long time. Only the soul's will creates its fate in eternity .... its will awakens the soul to life, just as it can cause its spiritual death ....




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