Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4889 04.05.1950

Reference to the end ....

You only have a short period of time left .... Time and again I say this to you because you are of weak faith and don't want to believe that you are living in the last days and that My warnings and admonitions are therefore meant for you. But you should believe it, for it depends on your faith how you use this final time for your soul and its progress. Whatever you do without faith is only done for the world; but this will pass away and all your efforts will be in vain, all commodities will disintegrate and nothing will stay behind which will be useful to you in eternity. You will only keep that which is not of this world; only the spiritual treasures you gathered will remain with you. If you, therefore, believe in a speedy end, then you will no longer create and work for this world, for the body and its requirements, but you will first take care to improve the state of your soul, and thus you will work for your eternal life. The world stops you from doing this work, the world tries to captivate you with earthly pleasure and all kinds of enticements. And fulfilment of earthly wishes always results in a slackening of spiritual work, thus the loss of everlasting spiritual treasures.

For this reason I caution you against the world .... Don't take more notice of it than is necessary for your earthly life; don't seek it but avoid it wherever possible; don't ascribe any value to it other than that it is the necessary means for your maturation on Earth, and don't let it triumph over you but strive to rise high above the earth. And you will be able to do so once you allow the belief of the near end to come alive in you. Know that I Myself Am talking to you, your God and Father of eternity, and know, that every Word is truth because I tell you so. And therefore, only take care of today and don't worry what will happen tomorrow, for you worry about useless things and should only take your spiritual maturing and spiritual preparation for eternity seriously. You should always let this be your first concern, then you will not need to fear an end, you will await it calmly and collected and be prepared for My coming at the end of the time which you are still granted to release yourselves from Satan's shackles ....



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