Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4890 05.05.1950

The reward of a life of love, blissful fate in the beyond ....

Those of you who heed My will on earth are granted a blissful fate. I expect nothing else from you other than that you conduct yourselves on earth like your Father's children, that you love and help one another like true children of the same Father do. No other commandment is given to you by Me, for true love includes everything, from true love emerges everything that leads to unification with Me. Consequently, true love is all you need to strive for on earth. Your nature must shape itself into love, it must become again as it once was when it originated from Me, the Eternal Love .... Then you can stay in your true home again, in the kingdom of light, in My presence and illuminated by My strength, which signifies eternal beatitude for you. A blissful fate is granted to you if you respect My will .... Therefore, make My will your own, live in Me and with Me, and My will shall be yours too. To live according to My will is all I expect of you. But anyone who lives according to My will cannot be anything but good, and thus is kindness of heart also the evidence that a person has entered into My will, that he is a true child of his Father. And I watch over My children with all love and care, consequently they can go through earthly life without worry as soon as they feel themselves as My children and are closely united with Me through love, which characterises the human beings as My children. Be kind to each other, support each other in every adversity, try to keep all suffering at bay and help wherever possible. Prove yourselves as My children, and your Father's love will be your eternal reward ....



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