Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5569 02.01.1953

When is pure truth guaranteed through the working of the spirit? ....

You can be confident that the truth is imparted to you, for God Himself, the eternal Truth, is instructing you, as it is written that you, in order to know the truth, must be taught by God. Therefore you should not doubt as long as you desire the truth and appeal to God Himself for it. And your most certain sign is the fact that you previously did not have the slightest knowledge, but that the knowledge you now possess was not imparted to you externally and yet, its profundity and wisdom surpasses all intellectual knowledge. You need not fear that you are instructed by forces which do not know the truth themselves, for God hears every call and answers it directly or through messengers of light, who work according to His will and only pass on divine knowledge, thus the pure truth. But forces trying to cause confusion are also at work, forces, which influence people who entitle them to do so by holding on to erroneous information, who therefore do not allow themselves to be instructed entirely without resistance. In that case doctrines can be spread which contradict divine truth .... The spiritual spark within a person is inseparably connected to the eternal Father-Spirit and its share is truth, because God Himself is Truth. If you are thus taught by the divine spirit within you, then you accept knowledge that arises from within yourselves, knowledge, which you can never acquire intellectually. So if you receive knowledge from within which enlightens you about spiritual correlations, knowledge, which clearly and logically explains divine-spiritual issues, then a source of this knowledge must be in you which cannot be scientifically explained, instead, it is the indwelling divine spiritual spark itself which is part of the eternal Deity .... And nothing but truth can be drawn from this source .... However, the intellect can be influenced by forces, as it is possible for a human being to purely intellectually try to penetrate the spiritual realm and be likewise inspired .... that is, he can be affected by surrounding thought currents, which also originate in the spiritual realm, but the realm from which they originate cannot be controlled. Earthly knowledge can merge with spiritual emanations; a person's intellect can want to think in a specific way, and according to this will the forces intervene and support him .... And then there will always be a danger that the person will not want to let go of certain opinions or previous knowledge and instead allows spiritual forces to intervene by continuing to work in the same direction, which leads away from the truth ....

It should never be assumed that messages from the spiritual realm are always supervised by an elevated being of light if the preconditions are missing .... unreservedly requesting the pure truth, which always necessitates deferring one's own will. Benign spiritual forces must always fit in with divine will, and this always respects the human being's freedom of will. Consequently, where a person's will does not allow for unlimited influence by these forces, they may not push themselves in front, they must respect a person's will, and that means that they may not deny access to those forces which a person himself calls out to on account of his own will. Holding on to wrong information always offers evil forces the opportunity to speak. For this reason, self-criticism cannot be exerted stringently enough where the pure truth is concerned. And all of you must be instructed by God .... God Himself wants to convey the pure truth to you; He gave you this promise .... Therefore, approach God if you want to receive the pure truth .... appeal to Him for clarification, appeal to Him for enlightenment of spirit, present your questions and considerations to Him and He will truly grant what you are asking for .... He will convey the pure truth to you, directly or through messengers of light, but then they will always instruct you according to His will, their words can be accepted as God's Word, because they are bearers of light, bearers of truth from God, thus also devoid of all error .... Call upon God Himself and He will hear you .... His Word is truth, and anything that does not tally with this Word does not originate from Him, even if it seems good to you .... Only one truth exists, and this is God Himself .... However, since the battle between light and darkness is constantly waged, you must also take God's adversary's influence into account and thus be vigilant and check. He creeps in wherever he can find cover and tries to cause confusion .... He will always endeavour to demean, question or present Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation such that a redeeming result will fail to materialise .... so that the human being will lose faith in the One without Whom no beatitude can exist. This is why he tries to confuse the concepts, even where the will is good but the complete dedication to God has not yet taken place. Take all your love, your every wish, all your doubts, adversities and worries to God .... and He will give you what you need, He will teach you and guide you into eternal truth, He will protect you from error and always be with you with His love ....




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