Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5605 18.02.1953

Awakening the dead through God's Word ....

You shall awaken the dead to life .... you shall draw the lifeless from the abyss and breathe life into it; you shall touch it with a strength that will give life to it .... And this strength is My Word which comes to you from above, which I convey to you Myself, so that you, as mediators, will pass it on in order that My strength will also touch those who are still dead in spirit. You own something exquisite, a gift that has a miraculous effect, you own spiritual strength and can use it to bring the dead back into life. But having received it from the Eternal Love you must also impart My Word with love; your will to help must urge you to share what had awakened yourselves to life .... Then you will always be successful and able to work beneficially on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom. There is immense darkness everywhere and countless spiritually dead souls dwell in this darkness. But life also means light ....

Only the soul that is touched by a ray of light which radiates warmth of love and thus has an invigorating effect on the hardened soul will awaken to life. These dead souls have to be touched by a light of love, then they will awaken to life for sure. And you shall take this ray of light to them by giving them My Word, which has a most comforting effect on them if it is offered with love. This healing water of life constantly flows to as a result of My love and grace so that your souls will recover and find the true life, and thus you need not fear the death of the soul any longer .... Yet the many souls which rest in their graves .... which in their thoughts are still living on earth and yet are spiritually dead and in depressing darkness .... are surrounding you, and you should help them by lifting them out of the night of death into the light of life. For you have an effective remedy, you have the only medicine which can help them, you have My Word, the emanation of strength and light of Myself, which will never remain ineffective if only it can touch the soul ....

As long as My Word is merely reaching a person's ear it cannot as yet affect the soul, for only the soul is receptive to the effect of My Word. Yet only love will open the door so that I Myself can touch the soul with the strength of My love. And your love will open the door for Me if you endeavour to help these dead souls and proclaim to them My Word with love. Consider how much power is given to you: You are able to awaken the dead to life with My Word .... And if you are only urged by love to spread My Word I will bless your efforts .... Carry the Word into the darkness wherever it may be .... look after all those who are dead in spirit, remember your lifeless fellow human beings as well as the dead in the beyond .... want them to awaken to life and bring My Word to them with love .... And the strength of My Word will work miracles, the souls will awaken to life and light, and they will never ever lose their life again ....



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