Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5606 19.02.1953

The antichrist's influence before the end ....

The influence of the Antichrist will also hasten the end, for then the hardship of My Own will reach its highest peak and necessitates My coming in order to put an end to this adversity. My adversary's only objective is to dethrone Me and put himself onto the throne, that is, to completely destroy people's faith in a God and Creator of eternity in order to be esteemed higher himself, in order to be venerated and feared like God .... He does not want to own people's love, only their submission, he wants to control everything and thus be supreme ruler. As long as people still have faith, as long as they acknowledge a Power above themselves to Which they will have to give account one day they will not yield to the one who demands something from them that is God-opposing .... And therefore the adversary will proceed against this Power by trying to eradicate the belief in Me, and this by brutal means which will make it difficult for My Own to remain faithful to Me .... Yet the strength to persevere will be provided to them by Me in abundance. I will so visibly reveal Myself to them that their faith will become increasingly stronger, that they will accept all detriment in the realisation that I alone can give and take and will truly repay what is inflicted upon them on earth.

The Antichrist's endeavour is to stamp out the Christian teaching .... to prevent all knowledge about Jesus Christ as Son of God and Redeemer of the world .... He openly declares war on Me .... And that is his end .... My adversary will embody himself in a person who is totally enslaved by him, i.e., he completely owns his soul and at first deceives people with all kinds of proceedings and favours which will guarantee him the support of large crowds .... And his speeches and activities will be a mask which conceals the most evil frame of mind .... He will be a master in knowing how to hide arrogance, lies and greed for profit, yet his lack of love will soon expose him, that is, only in the eyes of My Own, for towards his followers he feigns sympathy for all suffering which he, however, does not try to alleviate but only contributes towards increasing these afflictions. The believer will recognise him, for he badly has to suffer under his rule, yet anyone who complies with him, who openly renounces Me, will be treated by him like a friend and be worldly honoured and respected. And so there will soon emerge two parties .... the majority will follow him and only a small flock will remain faithful to Me in their attitude and actions. And these will constantly be at risk, because My adversary urges people to cause them harm wherever possible. The Antichrist will reward such actions against My Own in order to even make the last believers, who still offer resistance to him, desert Me.

This will be the start of a time of bitter distress for My Own and yet it will be bearable because they will be allowed to receive an exceptional gift of grace .... because I will show Myself where people are in danger of weakening .... I know each individual person's will and attitude towards Me, and I will truly not let My adversary gain the upper hand over his soul. Besides, the end is near and My believers are faithfully devoted to Me in their hearts, therefore I can show Myself to them beyond the law in order to grant them strength. And many people will get to see Me, and then no power on earth will be able to destroy their faith in Me .... Then they will also joyfully give up their life if I require it. But I will put an end to My adversary's cruel game .... When he believes himself to have won I will come in the clouds and judge the living and the dead .... I will fetch My Own before I accomplish the act of destruction of the earth and all its inhabitants. Prior to this the adversity will be immense, yet My love will save you and My might will place into chains the one who opposes Me, because his time is complete ....




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