Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7191 19.10.1958

The strength of Jesus' name ....

You need only voice My name with profound faith .... and you will experience its strength, you will be aware of My presence and find help when you are in trouble. But how often does the world still stand between you and Me, how often is its influence still so strong that you are barely able to detach yourselves from it in order to turn to Me with all your heart, to take the leap from the earthly into the spiritual kingdom, so to speak .... I Am not realistic to you as yet, but nevertheless I can only manifestly help you if you wholeheartedly give yourselves to Me, if you take refuge in My heart and voice My name as being utterly present to Me. You can feel this presence of Mine in your heart, but then you will never ask in vain, your request will have been granted and the strength of My name will have taken effect there and then, and you will know what it means to call upon Me with complete faith .... You will understand what unquestionable faith means. And regardless of how much the world besieges you, you will always be able to make such heartfelt contact with Me that it will isolate you from the world, that My strength can flow to you. You need not be afraid that I will leave you without help as long as you always turn your eyes to Me, as long as you simply want to belong to Me. This innermost wish is the decisive factor in order for Me to draw you up and never let go of you again. But you also need to struggle, for you shall grow and develop, you shall not come to a halt and get tired and half-hearted in your striving, and therefore you shall call like children to the Father time and again, and the more heartfelt your call is, the sooner it will be granted, and you will experience the strength of My name .... I want to possess you completely but you must come to Me of your own free will, because I only possess the child's love when it hands itself over to Me and faithfully voices My name as that of its God and Father of eternity ....



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