Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7237 24.12.1958

The birth of Christ .... I.

Salvation has come from above .... How many lips utter this and how often is the heart unaffected, insofar as that the human being not even once seriously reflects on the meaning of Jesus Christ's coming down to earth. A child was born, Whose soul descended from the kingdom of light because God wanted to embody Himself in this infant. The infant Jesus was a human being, born to Mary, the virgin, who conceived him through the strength of the spirit .... The human being Jesus started His earthly course of life like everyone else, yet the side effects of His birth were not those of an ordinary person but they indicated that an exceptional cover also sheltered an exceptional boy child .... that it should be the cover for the Eternal Deity Which was only able to manifest Itself in a pure and sinless human being, as was the boy child Jesus. For He had to carry out a mission of such immense significance that the requirements for it also had to be exceptional. God Himself wanted to take abode in the infant Jesus and chose for Himself an immaculate form which also harboured an immaculate soul, in which the Eternal Deity was able to dwell in order to accomplish the act of Salvation for the whole of the human race. The fact that God Himself descended to earth was an act of overwhelming compassion, for Earth was covered in profound darkness and all its inhabitants too, they were controlled and gagged by the prince of darkness and languished under the pressure of slavery in sin and agony. And God knew the hardship of His living creations which once had voluntarily separated themselves from Him and, entangling themselves in ever deeper darkness, no longer found a way out and cried for a Saviour to liberate them. God heard their cry and sent His Son to earth .... a Being Which likewise emerged from His might and love and Which remained in His abundance of light when His brothers plunged themselves into the darkness. Jesus' soul was devoted to God with boundless love but it also loved its fallen brothers and wanted to help them return into the Father's house because it knew that happiness and bliss are only possible in God's presence and that the distance from Him meant hardship, agony and darkness.

Jesus knew both conditions and His love for the wretched being motivated Him to offer Himself as a sacrifice in order to remove the guilt of sin which was immense, and the beings which became sinful would never have been able to make amends for it themselves. Yet a pure and blameless soul wanted to sacrifice itself for their sins in order to redeem the guilt and to satisfy God's righteousness. For the soul was love .... And this love was God .... God or love permeated the man Jesus, so that He wanted to accomplish an act of greatest suffering and agony for the sake of these fallen brothers. And thus God Himself descended to earth in Jesus and entered a human form which corresponded to all preconditions in order to shelter the Eternal Deity Himself without fading away .... The infant Jesus was full of love and all hearts entering His ray of love became permeated by love, singing praise and giving thanks, for only people came to the infant's manger whose hearts were pure and devoted to God and who therefore felt the love emanated by the infant and who came aglow with burning love for the Jesus child. Although the events surrounding Jesus' birth are now only regarded a myth, anyone who is filled by the spirit of God, whose spirit is awakened, knows that everything which has been preserved as knowledge about the birth of Jesus is the truth. Miracles upon miracles happened around the child Itself, in nature, in Heaven and on Earth, and all the angles bowed down on bended knees before the One Who had embodied Himself in the infant Jesus, just as men and animals were seized by holiest awe and silence when the greatest wonder, God's human manifestation in Jesus, was taking place. And the heart of anyone with an awakened spirit will also convincingly speak the Words 'Salvation has come from above ....' For the light of love of the Saviour Jesus Christ likewise shines on him, he belongs to those for whom the Saviour came to earth to save them, he belongs to the redeemed, for whom the act of compassion on the cross was accomplished, because he wanted to become redeemed from sin and death. And he will not just pay lip service to the birth of Christ, with his heart he will think of everything that happened during that night when the light of the world came down to earth, when the infant Jesus came into the world. And he will join in singing the hymn of praise 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good will ....'



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