Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7556 22.03.1960

God's act of creation and goal ....

The act of creation was the result of My love .... both the creation of the spiritual beings in My image as well as all earthly-material creations after the apostasy. My love wanted to give itself, it wanted to find itself again in the beings made in My image, which essentially were miniatures of Me. I was impelled by My infinite love to place such beings next to Me in whom I could find Myself again and to whom I could give My unlimited love. The fact that these beings fell away from Me was known to Me from the start and I did not prevent them from doing so, because it was their free will and because only then was it possible for Me to have 'children' next to Me instead of 'living creations', which was the goal of My act of creation. It will certainly take a long time until the deification of My living creations has been achieved, yet time means nothing to Me, but the goal I set for Myself has also been the cause of the various earthly-material creations, for they are the path which the once fallen spiritual beings will have to travel in order to return to Me, from Whom they once came forth. And even if this process of deification requires an infinitely long time until the being has undertaken it of its own free will .... one day it will nevertheless be able to create and work next to Me and then be indescribably happy. Yet in the meantime it will have to pass through many seemingly endless phases in constriction and torment .... at first in solid matter and then in the plant- and animal world until it has reached the stage of a human being, where it enjoys a certain amount of freedom but not the kind of freedom which had been its original state.

However, it can attain this freedom as long as it lives as a human being on earth. Since the being emerged from My love, and thus its fundamental substance is love too, it need only allow itself to be illuminated by Me and thus direct its hitherto averted will back to Me again .... Then the being, which had become disfigured due to its wrong resolve, will change back to its fundamental nature of love again .... And then it will also deify itself in line with My eternal plan and I will have achieved My goal: My living creation will have voluntarily changed itself into My child and is incomparably happy .... But this re-transformation into love is always subject to free will. And in the stage of a human being this free will can also turn in the wrong direction again without being prevented by Me .... Hence such a process of re-transformation can also take an eternity, because free will is never interfered with and therefore the being determines the duration of its wretched state itself. Nevertheless, it is able to reach its goal in one developmental period and it will be supported in every way to reach its goal. For My love pursues the being because it is a living creation that had emerged from My love. Thus you humans can see what an important factor free will plays in your earthly life, which is not subject to compulsion, neither from My nor from My adversary's side .... And thus My only endeavour is to teach you to recognise the significance of your free will so that you will then direct it appropriately. I can only ever influence you to direct your will correctly but not force you, just as My adversary is unable to do, but he can influence you just the same in order to gain your will for himself. However, you must make your own free decision and blessed are you if you take the right path, if you find your way to Me and strive for unity with Me again, from which you once voluntarily detached yourselves .... Blessed are you if you, in this earthly life as a human being, succeed in reaching the goal during one period of Salvation .... that you will become free from every form and thus be able to enter into eternity as free and fully enlightened beings of light when your existence on this earth has come to an end ....



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