Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8494 12.05.1963

Gift of grace before the end ....
Jesus Christ ....

I will pour out an abundance of grace in the last days before the end, for people are in need of it; they require much support in order to still be able to cover the last stretch of their earthly path successfully. And many people will even have to be guided onto the right path first and they, too, will require help for this, for they are still on the path into the abyss and have to be called back and guided correctly. Every means used by Me before the end is a means of grace, for people themselves do nothing to prevent it, they travel their earthly path indifferently and therefore don't deserve any help, since they still rather resist than accept help. Yet I love all My living creations and don't want even one of them to go astray .... I don't want them to languish in a wretched state for an infinitely long time again .... And this is why I will temper justice with mercy .... I will leave no stone unturned to save them before the end. And I also know what will help every individual person; I know what is suitable to guide him onto the right path. And this is what I will use without, however, compelling the human being's will, for he has to make a free decision. But it will be made easy for him, for the means of grace will be brought to him so visibly that he will also be able to recognise them as such.

Time and again the human being's attention is pointed to the spiritual kingdom .... Time and again he is approached by death in some form or other, he experiences it in his surroundings by having to let go of people who are very dear to him, and he hears of various kinds of death. He will always be reminded of his own fleeting nature and can then reflect on thoughts about what comes after death .... His thoughts will be directed towards the spiritual kingdom, since they often also follow the deceased and thus give rise to such questions as: Where are they now? Have they completely ceased to be? Or is there a prospect of meeting again? .... And then time and again spirit guides, to whose protection people are entrusted, will intervene by trying to influence them and giving them an explanation .... They make it possible for such people to receive knowledge of My Word, which is directly transmitted to earth, or they let them come across books which will offer them clarification, they do everything to direct their thoughts to the kingdom which is their true home and which they will enter when they pass away from this world .... And the departed, too, exert an influence from the beyond by constantly entering their thoughts which, to a certain extent, will establish a connection from the spiritual to the physical world. My measure of grace is inexhaustible and everyone would be able to take advantage of it, if only they were willing to do so.

That is why I let My Word be heard, for whoever hears and accepts it will truly make use of the greatest gift of grace which certainly will also bring him the right result, which will help his soul to mature and let him reach his goal while he is still on earth, so that he will find Me and enter into union with Me, which then will also assure his perfection .... For it is important that the human being establishes his bond with Me before his soul leaves the body, before the hour of departure from this earth has come .... As soon as he has recognised and acknowledged Me he will not get lost, for then he will take the path to the cross, to the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, he will recognise Me in Him and thus will also have taken the path to Me. And then he will have been saved from the adversary for good, for Jesus Christ will deliver him from his bondage; Jesus has taken his guilt upon Himself and opened for him the path to the Father .... Jesus and I are one .... To realise this is the guarantee of return for the once fallen spirits to Me, and for that reason I will always provide people with the information through My Word, that is why My Word is the greatest and most effective gift of grace which I can still offer humanity before the end, and blessed is he who accepts it, for he will truly not go astray anymore .... There is not much time left, and the battle for the souls is fiercely waged on part of the darkness .... But I, too, Am fighting for you, My living creations, and I will help you, so that you, who will settle this battle, will make the right decision, so that you will take the path to Jesus Christ, in Whom I became a human being Myself in order to redeem you .... Make use of this immensely merciful act of Redemption through Jesus Christ and, truly, you will be victorious and delivered from the one who wants to destroy you ....



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