Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8810 13.06.1964

God's blessing and guidance of the spiritual work ....

Any work you do for Me is blessed and will bear fruit. For your thoughts will also be guided so that they can only correspond to My will and, therefore, you need not fear anything as long as you hand yourselves over to Me and appeal to Me for guiding your thoughts in the right way. I live your life with you, and I also determine your thoughts such that they will adapt themselves to My will, because your task of passing on My Word as you have received it from Me is not a small one. And were you not protected by Me, a distribution of My Word would not be easily possible for you, since you yourselves would not have the overall view which, however, is assured to you through My influence. You should therefore firmly rely on My help which is assured to you because I recognise your will to serve Me and because no human being can hardly instruct you better than I. As soon as you express your willingness to be of service to Me I will accept your services, and then you will be in contact with Me, I Myself will intervene and you can calmly undertake the work. However, you must make sure that you distribute the truth, for I want to address people through My Word .... it is the pure truth which is not offered to you in this way anywhere else unless an equally spiritually awakened person has received it in the same way as you, with the same dedication and the same will to distribute it, for then My blessing will always be upon you.



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