Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8857 21.11.1964

Israel ....
(meaning of the name)

I am going to answer all your questions, as soon as you can draw a benefit from it for your soul... For what helps you to the maturity of your souls is the receiving of the answer that bridges the knowledge, which must be an expansion of your cognition, it must fill a space in your knowledge. It should not only assuage a curiosity, therefore, it cannot be a worldly question.

Your thinking to this extent is correct in that each name has its meaning, but you are not capable to fathom this, only then, when you bring one of your own names in connection with the name of a people, whose name I Myself gave.

Then, first you have to become aware of what I Myself have placed into this name. That I chose a people, to introduce Myself amidst of a people to the world as their God and Creator...that I chose a people to embody Myself in. Therefore, I am speaking of the people of Israel, the people, who recognized only one God, and that is why I abided with them. I was not talking about for whom I was not the Saviour Jesus Christ...but I spoke of those instead of them, who acknowledged me, who could call themselves true Israelites, because I was a true Israelite and could rightfully take on this name Myself, because I arose out of the tribe of David, the ancient father of those that believed in Me and therefore followed Me.

Though everyone called themselves Jew, but were more or less without belief, their belief was - because they had no love - not a living one, and although in the temple they taught the faith in one God, but they themselves were without faith... And therefore will the People of Israel not consist of those whom you term Jews, on the contrary, to be understood as those who have a living faith and acknowledge Me; I Who appeared as Jew, because I was a real Israelite. And now again the people who, with all zeal, represent Me, who are taught directly by Me, who promote one spiritual well being and therefore, as well belong to My Israelites, to the people of Israel, who in Me recognize their Saviour and Redeemer, who feel connected to Me, who I can speak to at all times. Although it may not happen directly, yet they hear me indirectly. Therefore, they belong to My messengers who carry the gospel into the world. Consequently, I still speak to My People of Israel and denote those, who confess in their acceptance one God, who acknowledge only one God, Who embodied Himself in Jesus.

For it is the works of redemption in which you people must believe, in order to also find deliverance. For this, the one God descended to earth and took on flesh. Yet, He had to prevail against all attacks. For He came unto His own world, and His own did not except him. He suffered and died for the people, and they did not recognized Him because their minds were darkened and did not want to let go of their temple statutes, against which He fought in the fields. And once again we have come this far that He is not being recognized. Again the darkness is so great that it is hard to find the right faith in Me, because the hatred is increasing against the Jews, the closer we come to the end. And everyone who represents Me before the world I will bless, and speak to My people in whichever form it may be.



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