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of the New Revelation

received through and written down by Bertha Dudde

Various book and booklet editions
by different publishers


Edition of the New Revelation

The transcripts of the »New Revelations« received by Bertha Dudde were privately edited and published by like-minded friends.

This undertaking of meticulous editorial work aiming to make all revelations (proclamations) of the entire Works chronologically available continued over a 10year period.

During past decades only theme booklets offering limited selections of individual revelations (proclamations) had been created which could not do full justice to the complete Works.

Special care was taken for a literal transfer of the handwritten german originals into a verifiable printed version in order to maintain its authenticity.

The complete german edition of the works was concluded in October 2000 and is available since as books and as a loose-leaf collection.

Next to a CD-ROM version the complete Work in german is offered for a download on this home page (in *.pdf and *.txt) too, since May 2002.

This homepage features the authentic german original which guarantees the genuineness of all revelations. |Reference document offer |.

A complete german book edition with a new layout was introduced in September 2004.

Unfortunately, only after years this very beautiful and practical edition was finished next to the first edition of the complete works. The printed books of this new edition in german can be ordered on this web site | Address |
and the corresponding print files (*.pdf) are available too by
| Book Download |.

In addition, a key word search and  a title index  are available in german as well as revelations translated into English, Croatian, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish and Romanian as downloads.

More information:

The publishers – friends of the New Revelation – appreciate your interest in the Work received by Bertha Dudde

The publishers are private individuals who do not belong to any organisation or society.


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