Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0585 16.9.1938

Word of God ....
Work ....
Bread of life ....
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Whoever truly believes Me in everything, he will be blessed forever .... But the work on oneself is a precondition for it, because only by this it will be possible for you to recognize.  Behold, so many have the will to enter into the eternal glory, but do not consider that they must also strive for it and that the incomparably beautiful reward must also be won.  They take in everything only with their ears and put it aside again at will, whereas they should let My words penetrate deeply into their heart and always live only according to them.  Then only is My word the true life ..... And therefore he can be called a true master of his life who takes My Word as a guideline and makes an effort to fulfill My will, to keep My commandments and thus to cultivate love.  And then My word is the source of all vitality for him .... it is My guiding word which introduces him to the eternal truth which he now recognizes because My word gives him the strength for it.

So you only need to always make an effort to listen to Me, and you will be guided by My word into all truth and can no longer go wrong.  Through the etheric waves you hear the voice of Him who is in you, around you and above you .... And you go along as it were as receivers of this voice on earth and do not suspect how the Spirit of God already holds you enclosed, no longer leaving you out, you who devote yourselves to Me .... If you are only willing to hear My word, you are taken into the circle of My angels and will henceforth be able to do nothing against My will if you trustingly abandon yourselves to Me ..... Put your ear to My heart and hear the voice:

Under your hand, the work will arise that will witness My love anew to the world, and it is incumbent upon you to let the Divine Spirit speak in you to bring the promised solution to a new world of peace, which is that everyone who lives according to My word, shall share in the glory of God.  For this one will not see any borders between earth and heaven .... he will be able to walk unhindered from this world to the hereafter, he will be allowed to let his view wander into all glory, and nothing will remain hidden to him, because those who have My word have the power, and this power lets them overcome everything what stands obstructive between earth and the heavenly paradise.  And this My word will remain until all eternity .... But you should seek to take it up in you as the true bread of life, because it will lead you over into the spheres of paradise and prepare eternal bliss for you ....


Lorber, Great Gospel of John Volume 8 Chapter 189:20, read on 22.9.1938

"For truly I say to you, a pure and spiritually strong man is a lord over the nature-spirits, thus a lord also over the elements, and also over all animals, plants, and minerals, of whatever kind and species they may be!  For if a soul is filled with the Spirit of God, in Whom dwells all power and might from God, he also can command all nature, and even the mountains must bow to the power of his will and his undoubted faith and trust in the One true Almighty God."



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