Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0631 20.10.1938

Freedom of expression ....
Sharpness of judgment ....

Take care that your view is not clouded and that you are not tempted to adopt wrong views before you have the right knowledge.  The true success will be only when you can form a coherent picture of everything, which is not yet possible.  As a result, an explanation can easily give you a completely different picture than you have seen so far.  In order to avoid that you fall into error, the context should be explained to you as comprehensibly as possible and this should serve to reassure you.

It is essentially the assumption that man in his kind should not have his own expression of will as long as he is not concerned with spiritual problems.  Every man must be free to express himself, even if the view is erroneous, because only he can once stand in the right faith who has freely confessed it ..... Therefore, a person without his own opinion can never be a convinced supporter of a cause, but in the best case, a follower.  But who is afraid to openly confess his opinion, will also be afraid in the opposite case to stand up for the truth out of the same concerns, and his opinion will therefore neither harm nor benefit others.

So everyone must have the opportunity to express himself, only then it is possible to invalidate his opinion if it is incorrect or to strengthen it if it is correct.  Therefore, people must be subjected to an expression of opinion in order to again mutually sharpen the power of judgment, and this is what matters most .... He who cannot form a judgment will never form his own opinion, but will always conveniently accept what another has already judged before, and thus his advantage will be very small, since his knowledge is not his own merit.

Only the man who immediately grasps everything that is offered to him will understand this .... The other, however, will hear unwillingly, but cannot take in what he hears with the same understanding and will therefore prefer to reject it as too high-sounding and incomprehensible .... and therefore the good of the spirit should be given to such people only with moderation, because as long as they do not feel receptive, they also do not want to make friends with it, and they therefore stay away from the whole problem to the detriment of their soul ....




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