Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0650 1.11.1938

Father Words: ....
"I need you, My servants on earth ...."

See, My child, in vain you would ask for the help of your spiritual friends if you were not serious to serve Me.  The earthly child is selfish and only always has it's own advantage in mind, and then it can never be worthy of a pure spiritual instruction, and that is why such a connection from the beyond to earth is not often to be initiated, and mankind therefore disbelieves such a proof of My love for it and yet could draw so unspeakably much comfort from My Word.

Who serves Me with all his will, all gates shall be opened to him, and I Myself want to teach him that nothing remains hidden to him what he desires to know.  And therefore I bless you, My child, and hear your prayer to give you strength and willpower without interruption and to strengthen you in love and in faith.  Who desires such only for My sake, to serve Me and to come close to Me, is a candidate for the eternal kingdom and a fighter for My Word and My name.  The living fire of My love shall glow through such an earthly child, it shall always be worthy of My Word and stand in My blessing .... and every day shall bring him My grace and My love.

For I need you, My servants on earth .... I look with mercy upon the great multitude of those who reject and deny Me.  I see their lot in the hereafter, their struggle and their despair .... I want to bring them help before it is too late .... I want to shake them awake and preach to them about My love .... And you shall do all this in My name.  You shall inform them what fate awaits them, if they go their earthly way in hardening and blindness.  You shall also proclaim to them how much I love all these poor and how it is My concern to open the gates of paradise for them .... how lonely and abandoned they are without My love and mercy and how greedily the adversary seizes their souls if they do not resist.  My desire for them is indescribable, and therefore I also want to use all means to win the souls which still stand aside from Me.

What you often call cruel in it's effect is only a sign of My love for you .... How else shall I draw you to Me .... You often go through earthly life so confidently as if you have your fate in your hand, and you do not consider that I alone have the power to command everything in the universe.  And without shyness you sin and fear no judge .... and My love nevertheless does not condemn you ..... I carry your earthly destitution with you and wait patiently that you may turn to Me .... and I am always ready for you and will never leave you, even though you have failed, if you have only once taken the path to the Father and longingly turned to Me .... And when your body becomes weak, then I will stand behind you in admonition and hold your weaknesses and infirmities before you, so that you will be attentive, anxious and then entrust yourself to Me with a plea for help .... And then the hour has come when the heavenly Father lovingly takes you to His heart and never let you go again.

And you are therefore needed on earth to prepare the ground well which is to receive My seed .... Through the mouths of people I will speak to people so that they will easily understand My love, and I will work through you to also convince them of My power .... and whoever listens to Me and finds his way to Me, I will also hear him and free his soul from  misery.  But you, who serve Me, you must faithfully stand by Me in every danger .... Then you will be able to carry out on My behalf everything that is to unsettle the unbelievers and strengthen the believers .... You will proclaim My name to the world, and your deeds will bear witness to the power of My name.  For I want it so that you work in My name for the blessing of the people who still go their way on earth in blindness of the spirit, so that they become light and they recognize the Father in heaven ....




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