Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Shallow faith ....
Worship at all times ....
Formal keeping of the commandments ....

What has come to you through the grace of the Lord, you must utilize in the form that finds the easiest access to the human heart.  Man's mind is always anxious to cultivate the pure spiritual in the second place and to put the world with it's joys and demands first.  And such an attitude will only with difficulty vouch for the state of maturity of the soul in life. .... Because only undivided work can help this still in the earthly time to perfection, and every higher development of the soul is always questioned if the worldly interests are still predominant.  This is therefore a light, but also shallow faith, which only expresses itself when the thoughts of God are given room in the heart .... but needs certain times for this.

Always and at all times, man should stand in faith - i.e. let this prevail in life in such a way that he starts nothing without the intimate connection with God - that he thus at all times strives to fulfill the will of God, and thus makes it his business first to serve God before he complies with the world and it's demands.  If the Father in heaven would be ready also only at certain times for His children on earth, then it would look truly very sad around these .... And so man should always seek God first, then the earthly activity will also take it's regular course, but God never wants to be put in the back or come only in second place, when it is pleasing to the earthly child.

If people who only keep formal commandments would consider this, they would have to realize very soon that the true worship of God cannot consist in this .... Man should always be permeated by love for God, then he will be able to converse with his Creator in every hour of the day and will not be able to start anything without having asked for His blessing.  And only this is the true service of God, when man always and at any time confesses God and is ready to serve Him.  Whoever has a living faith, cannot help but find the highest bliss already on earth in constant connection with his Lord and Saviour, he will feel drawn closer and closer to the Divine Creator and will finally do nothing without God's help and blessing. .... And the world will no longer be able to irritate him, nor will it be able to replace the blessings of faith for him, for the Lord and Savior is truly the epitome of all pleasure, and His nearness and love outweigh all the pleasures of earthly existence.

And you must therefore shape yourselves in such a way that the desire for the Lord increases in you, and in the same measure you will be fulfilled, and your faith will awaken to life, you will now be active for the Lord of your own accord and not only fulfill what is demanded of you by the commandments.  And only then will you have become true aspirants of the kingdom of God, only then will you be permeated by true faith and thus live life in a truly godly way ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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