Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0814 17.3.1939

Mental influencing of the spiritual in matter ....

Observe creation in it's design, see it's versatility, which is expressed in the varied formation of forms, and then try to imagine all pictures, which present themselves to the eye, spiritually enlivened .... do not regard everything you see as dead matter, but see through this only always the spiritual entity . ... and you will soon grow so intimately together with everything that comes before your eyes, that you will feel life in everything and be eager to cultivate this life, and thus contribute to the fact that the spiritual in all matter increases through meaningful unification of creations related to the essence.  That is, a transformation of the outer form will be achieved by everyone who sees nothing as coincidence, but recognizes in everything the will and the omnipotence of God.

But this presupposes again a firm faith in the development of the spiritual beings in every form.  As now man has it in the hand by virtue of his creative will to let the most unbelievable creations come into being on earth, so it must also be possible for him to bring every work of creation into connection with his spiritual task and to impart spiritual power to the spiritual beings hidden in it likewise by mental transmission, and this power must express itself again in such a way that all outer form remains in constant activity and thus fulfills it's earthly task in the shortest time and then gives itself again in a new form also to new activity ....



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