Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Spiritual apostasy ....
Self exaltation ....
Shackles ....

So pay attention to the words that come to you today: All spirit, which has separated itself from God in self-conceit, can only be purified by torments, and indeed it will now be convinced of it's inherently helpless state, which stands in blatant contradiction to it's self-conceit, which has brought about it's apostasy from the eternal Godhead.

Nothing else can accomplish the return to the Father of the universe than the walk through fetters lasting thousands of years, which make him aware of his powerlessness and nevertheless let the desire for final liberation from these fetters become stronger and stronger, so that he then, with full will, even takes the earthly fetters upon himself for a time in the realization that the embodiment on earth is the only possibility to get rid of these fetters.  And so the spiritual being has every possibility to improve the unworthy condition, to atone in an indescribable long time for the offense against the eternal Divinity and at the same time to go the practicable ways which lead to union with the eternal Divinity again.

When man imagines how terribly agonizing the distance from the Father is for a divine being and now earth-life is often not used in any way to reduce this distance, but he only entered the embodiment on earth for this purpose, when the return to the Father cannot be achieved in any other way, when, despite this, countless beings seek the embodiment again and again always in the intention to use earth-life properly and to submit to every test of life willingly, then it will soon be understandable why the Lord supports the earthly children so extremely lovingly and why He gives them the right way of life.  If, in spite of this, countless beings repeatedly seek embodiment with the intention of making good use of earthly life and willingly submitting to every test of life, it will soon be understandable why the Lord so lovingly supports the earthly children and want to make their path of life easier and, for this reason, feeds them from above in order to return the Spirit of God to it's original purpose.   And all striving, which applies to the Divinity, is provided with blessing from above, so that man is protected from error and he recognizes the right truth ....




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