Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Thought activity ....
Spiritual good is spiritual power ....

So give ear to the voice which sounds in you: That, what the wisdom of man investigates, is earthly spiritual good - i.e., a result is brought about by physical functions, which is to be ascribed certainly also to a power-current, however, in purely material sense.  Only the inflow of force is utilized, which is valid for the body, i.e. the pure matter .... the physical activity of the organs is so to speak stimulated.  They carry out the function assigned to them, and since therefore no spiritual motive is the driving force .... since it is only a matter of research of natural processes, the result will also be of the same kind, thus a purely rationally considered and therefore provable result .... Man will be able to calculate exactly the purely natural function of the human body, he will also not need to give wrong conclusions, however, he will always solve only purely human or earthly problems by virtue of his brain center, because this ability was given to him by the Divine Creator ....

But where it is necessary to solve the great question, which is a riddle to every man, there the human intellect will be of no avail and all bodily functions will be inadequate, and human science can make the greatest efforts imaginable .... it has no access whatsoever to the spiritual field .... It will have to recognize that all explanations about the nature of man, however wise they may be, are invalid in view of the fact that every man should have the same disposition, since all humans have been created organically the same, and that the minute differences which the scientist would like to put forward as the cause of the variety in thought- and emotional life, do not give any indication of the completely different abilities of man ... that there is obvious evidence for the latter, but that the glaring difference of human beings, physically and organically, does not exist to the same extent as the effects appear in the different people.

And so it remains to consider that scientifically, all assertions can be proved, but that human thought has not yet found a complete explanation, if it is considered that the human being is also able to think about other things than only that what is visible in the material world, what is therefore also explainable .... Thought is in itself only the expressed will of the human being .... The will again is the main factor in life; so it becomes active, the life forms itself first.  Thought will therefore take that direction which the will prescribes to it.

If now all spiritual life, the thoughts, could be explained simply in such a way that the physical organs exercise their functions incessantly and that now these functions are only a mechanical exercise of the small and smallest components necessary for the construction of the human body, which man then so wisely calls molecules .... then this is certainly not to be denied in itself, but always only the second explanation, which nevertheless does not exclude that the thought is spiritual power, which has nothing in common with the constitution of the body .... because hundreds and thousands of people can demonstrably have the same physical constitution, identical brain activity can  nevertheless never be proved, which however would have to be the case according to the opinion of the wise researchers, who try to deny everything spiritual.

They will never succeed to force mankind to think something specific, and so the thoughts are free, it must be left to the individual man to occupy himself spiritually at will .... what would not be the case, however, if the thoughts of man would be dependent on his physical constitution, if man would be forced, so to speak, to a certain way of thinking, because the body exercises it's function allegedly according to a regularity which is founded in it's structure and connection of the innermost and finest cells.

Thought activity in itself is indeed connected with the actual life of the body, but only insofar as the life of the body is necessary to also be able to express this thought-activity to people, but when also the earthly life, the life of the body, is finished .... the thinking of the being will not stop, because it does not necessarily need the functions of the body .... and it will only then be understandable to man how far spiritual good is dependent on the body and it's nature .... and the worldly researchers will realize their error ....




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