Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0914 14.5.1939

Shackles of the soul ....
State of suffering ....
Saul - Paul ....

The soul's desire is to be released from all suffering, because it is in a fettered state as long as it is still attached to earthly goods.  So on the one hand it desires the latter and thus creates the oppressive state for itself, but on the other hand it longs for final liberation and is grateful for every help which applies to the loosening of it's fetters.  And so it is every time it's own will whether it gives in to the desire for earthly goods, or renounces these .... and it's state will also be more or less free accordingly.

But once it has perceived of how much lighter and freer it feels when it has tamed it's desire and voluntarily renounced it, then also it's will is stronger, and it now consciously strives for this freer state, because a visible change now takes place, and the good spiritual powers are now also at it's disposal.  They seek to increase the soul's striving by presenting all spiritual advantages to the soul and are always only concerned to weaken the desire for earthly good, for matter, and to keep the sense for spiritual truths awake, and so a total transformation can make itself felt, a Saul can become a Paul, and a soul which up to now indulged in earthly pleasures, can renounce all these and now only strive to do justice to the spiritual task.

Such transformation is always a consequence of a preceding spiritual shock .... Earthly suffering could have preceded, but the sudden realization can also be the result of a heartfelt prayer, which was sent up in love for this soul by a fellow human being to the Father of the universe, to assist the soul in the earthly struggle .... in the struggle for life in eternity, because such a prayer was sent up completely unselfishly to the heavenly Father and therefore already has the power in itself, since love was the motive ....

Love must now have a redeeming effect on the earthly child, and the soul feels this very well .... it feels the relief, and now it also becomes easier for it to continue the chosen way, because it recognizes the benefit and now also becomes active of it's own accord.  The soul's striving will only be for the spiritual life, and from now on it will declare war on all matter, and although it still comes into contact with it far too often as a human being, it will now be able to renounce it with a light heart and only live for liberation from it's fetters, in the knowledge that this is the greatest necessity and that it's life on earth should only be for this striving. ....



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