Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1111 24.9.1939

Ability to receive ....
The joy of receiving ....

On the one hand the regular reception increases the ability to receive the Divine Word, but on the other hand it is a certain danger for the earthly child insofar that it can easily lose the joy of receiving and therefore the offered is correspondingly more difficult to hear.  The reception must be desired with all senses, it must cause joy and be received with a grateful heart, and the friends on the other side will offer their teachings to the receiver with greater eagerness .... However, no indifference or habitual reception may occur, if the proclamations are to continue to be valuable and make the earthly child happy.

To whom such a precious gift is offered, his thoughts should always and constantly long for the hour which gives him the most delectable .... the Divine Word offered in all purity.  He should receive it as a gift of grace of the greatest value, he should give thanks with every breath to Him who bestows such grace on a human being, and he should receive it in deepest humility and most joyful devotion .... This hour should be the most delightful thing that can be longed for on earth, it should make him happy and make his heart beat faster, since God Himself is close to the earthly child and touches it with His breath ....

And therefore it is commanded to first establish quite intimate contact with the Divine Lord and Saviour, so that the earthly child detaches itself from everything that still captivates it and now desires in all humility to hear the voice of the Lord.  And when this connection has been established and a heartfelt prayer to the Father has proven to Him the willingness to receive and have joy in it, the proclamation will flow easily and effortlessly and thus also be blessed by the Lord .....



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