Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1544 29.7.1940

Laws against divine teaching ....
Extinction this ....

The unscrupulous actions and activities of those who do not recognise God will have great consequences. Their endeavour is the complete separation from what has determined all thought and action up to now. They do not recognise the laws that are based on faith in God, in Jesus Christ as God's Son and Redeemer of the world. They create their own law, and good is everything that serves as a means to an end .... regardless of whether it corresponds to the commandment of Christian neighbourly love. And thus the commandment of love is eliminated, and under the guise of unselfishness decrees are made which have serious consequences, namely insofar as the human being loses the connection with God because he begins to doubt His righteousness.

However, God leaves people free to determine what is earthly as long as what is God's is not touched, as long as the divine teaching, which testifies to Him and His omnipotence, love and wisdom, is not attacked such that all faith in God disappears. For faith in God and the resulting trust will help to overcome everything that comes upon the human being as earthly adversity, and such provisions, which admittedly have a painful effect on earth, do not yet require God's countermeasures.

But as soon as faith in God is forcibly destroyed, as soon as the teaching of Christ is intended to be eradicated, people's freedom of will will be terribly abused on the one hand and violated on the other, for it is the most serious offence against God to dismiss what He Himself has given us as untrue and worthless .... and an equally momentous offence against fellow human beings to forbid or prescribe to them what their own will would still affirm or must deny. And therefore, all who want to let something worthless arise and deprive humanity of the truly divine teaching given by Jesus Christ invite judgement upon themselves, for this signifies a spiritual decline of unimaginable magnitude.

It means chaos in spiritual terms, which irrevocably requires God's intervention if He does not want to let the people of the present time fall into eternal ruin. For the laws (commandments) issued by human beings go against divine order, they have a destructive effect but not a constructive one ..... They are based neither on faith in God nor on the fulfilment of His commandments, and thus they do not correspond to divine will either .... and everything that openly opposes God will be destroyed ....



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