Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2050 30.8.1941

Right relationship and living connection ....
Externalities ....

To be grasped by God's love and considered with His grace always eliminates erroneous human thinking. The human being's will must first have recognisably turned away from God so that he falls from grace, only then is it possible for untruth to take possession of his thinking.

However, as long as the human being's will only strives for what is right, as long as he fears God as a righteous Judge and always endeavours to live to His pleasure, the gates are closed to untruth; it cannot find a receptive heart, and in this realisation everything may be accepted as purest truth which is imparted to a person from above who is visibly in God's grace.

God loves all His children and wants to protect them from untruth, yet they mostly withdraw themselves from His protection through their willingness for God's adversary. But if a child consciously submits itself to the Father, trustingly surrenders itself to Him, desires His love, His grace and the truth, then the Father will truly not leave this child unprotected .....

For this is the child's right relationship with the Father which God wants to establish between His earthly children and Himself. This contact between the child and Him is free from externalities, it is the living connection the human being enters into with God and an extremely beneficial act of will which is far more valuable than customs and traditions introduced by people which are intended to feign true reverence for God and yet prevent people from entering into heartfelt and sincere contact with Him.

For the intimate connection with God demands seclusion from the world, it requires a complete detachment from everything earthly .... The human being must go into his innermost being, free and unhindered by external influences, and now pray very intimately: 'Father, here I am .... take hold of me with Your love and grace and let me become blissfully happy in You ....'.

Every external influence to which the human being's sense is still receptive makes such an intimate connection impossible, for the human being's thinking remains turned towards the world. He sees and hears things which belong to the world but which do not touch God's innermost being, although they are meant to illustrate Him.

And this directing of the senses to external things makes the union with God an empty form. The human being believes himself to be united with God if he attends actions which have nothing to do with the profound inner worship of God, and he loses the desire for a truly inner union with God, and this is a great danger for him. ....



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