Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2059 6.9.1941

Breach of divine commandments ....
Sin ....
Bondage ....

To violate the divine commandments is a sin, for it increases the distance from God insofar as He cannot be where there is lack of love. Everything that contravenes the commandment of love will also cause divine love to grow cold and thus harm the spiritual being itself, because it will fall into an increasingly unfree state.

As a human being this state has the effect that God's adversary's power over him becomes ever greater, that he is forced by him under his will, that his thinking and acting will always be as God wants it, thus always opposed to God.

And this is inconceivably agonising for the soul, for it is still so far away from its final liberation that it takes the bound state with it into the spiritual kingdom. For only love can redeem the being, consequently unkindness must bind.

And anyone who is unloving towards his neighbour violates the commandment of love and will therefore never be released from the bondage which his former rebellion against God has caused him. For this reason God has given people the commandment of love which they only need to obey in order to thereby come closer to God and be able to enter the spiritual kingdom as a blissful being.

A person can sin against the commandment of love by acting contrary to the divine teaching of love or by refraining from actions which are supposed to prove love for his neighbour. The human being should not only protect his neighbour from harm, he should also benefit him, i.e. do everything to him that seems desirable to him, only then will the connection with God be established, for God Himself descends to a loving human being and dignifies him with His nearness .....

And this means spiritual freedom for him. The human being frees himself from the adversary's power, for God's strength, which passes into the human being through His nearness, is stronger than the adversary's strength from God ..... And thus the victor will always be the human being who unites himself with the eternal Love Itself through works of love. This person will break the shackles and become free from all coercion which God's adversary wants to exert on him.

The commandments of love must not be disregarded, for they are the means of release from the endless time of bondage. And at the same time they signify the bridge to the connection with God ..... For anyone who is active in selfless love thereby comes ever closer to God and overcomes every distance from Him ..... He fulfils God's demand and will also be allowed to receive the reward from God, which consists of God uniting Himself with the one who serves Him in love, i.e. who also sees God's creatures in his fellow human beings to whom he wants to do good.

Eternal bliss is only the result of unselfish activity of love, just as, conversely, condemnation is also the result of unkindness, and everything that is directed against God or His commandments is wrong in the eyes of God, thus sin ....



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