Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2077 18.9.1941

Conscious turning to God ....
Circle of Light of the Radiance of Love ....

He rewards the least will towards God with His love. The human being does not know that the Father desires His living creations from eternity, which His love has brought forth, which have emerged from His strength and thus have His divine love as their origin. ....

And therefore he also does not know with what sincerity the heavenly Father cares for His living creations, how He carefully directs all events such that they shall lead the human being back to Himself .... how He does not let any being fall but is only concerned to offer them His love .... he does not know that creation only has the one purpose to guide His living creations back to the original state, and that therefore everything came into being as a result of divine love .... so that God will regain what had been lost to God's opposing power.

And if the human will now decides in favour of God, even if only for moments, God's love takes possession of the human being and the being is saved from eternal ruin. God's love is exceedingly great and yet it cannot seize the being against its will. For since it emerged from His strength it was originally a free being which was not subject to any compulsion.

But as soon as it is permeated by God's love it cannot be anything other than pure love itself, and thus it would become unfree if the being's will were directed differently, i.e. it is directed against God .... Consequently, the will must first turn towards God before God's love can take hold of it, but then the being will shape itself into love of its own free will, and then the divine influx of love will be infinitely pleasing for the being, thus the being will return to its original state, it will be like God because it has become love, just as God is love Himself ....

And therefore God will always try to influence the human being's will so that he will decide in favour of God ..... He will do this by sending people the light, by trying to convey the truth to them, by bringing Himself close to them so that they will recognise and learn to love Him and then also endeavour to fulfil His will.

Then the human being's will will consciously turn to God, and then he will enter the circle of light of the divine emanation of love .... he will be seized by God's love and will never be able to detach himself, for his own will has sought contact with God, and God blesses this will by letting it grow ever stronger, by imparting grace to the human being and lovingly taking care of him until he enters the kingdom, which has been his home since the beginning ....



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