Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2088 28.9.1941

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock at ...."

There are countless moments in earthly life when God knocks at people's hearts and desires entrance .... where He comes to them in the Word, either through the mouth of man or through the voice of the heart. And no human being can say that God has not taken notice of him. He desires entrance into every person's heart in order to become effective in him, for the soul's transformation can only take place with the help of God's strength which flows to the person in His Word.

Therefore the Word of God has to be listened to so that the human being can come into possession of the strength from God through his life according to this Word. It is the expression of His will which God sends to people through His Word. If the human being now does God's will, he no longer opposes his Creator but acknowledges Him. Thus he enters into the right relationship with God, he no longer goes against Him but with Him ..... He unites with God, he submits to God through His Word.

He unites himself with God, he subordinates himself to Him and from now on no longer does his own will but the will of God. Although the human being still walks on earth he is already an aspirant of the spiritual kingdom, for he has passed the probationary period on earth which was only given to him in order to find union with God in it.

Divine Love Itself now approaches him and remains in intimate contact with him, It continues to feed him with the Word, which is the bread of heaven for him. For God now feeds the human being with the food of heaven, He gives Himself to him in the Word and is therefore constantly with him. He imparts the knowledge of truth to him, and He makes the human being a bearer of light who can and will work again out of His love, who is now likewise willing to love and wants to pass on divine gifts.

And willing fellow human beings will now also be allowed to feast at the Lord's table ..... They, too, will be offered bread in the Word, without which the human being will not have the strength to walk the earthly path leading upwards. And he who hungers and thirsts for the gift of heaven will be satisfied. It will be an uninterrupted giving and receiving of that which God Himself distributes to those who grant Him entrance into their hearts.

God Himself wants to be active in them, therefore He desires entrance again and again. If a person does not hear His knocking, if he does not want to listen when the divine voice sounds softly and audibly ...., His voice will become louder. Then He comes to people in the form of suffering and wants to make Himself known and offer them His help. He only ever demands that they listen to Him, that they pay attention to His voice, that they do not close their hearts to His admonishing voice. For without His Word the human being cannot live his earthly life according to divine will, for without His Word he lacks all strength ....



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