Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2133 29.10.1941

Divine Spiritual Work ....

Everything betrays the working of the divine spirit, which again points to God, and therefore everything that is good and strives for good can be associated with the working of the divine spirit. Demonic activity pulls people down, it turns love into hatred, it negates what is good and noble, it strives to increase the distance from God, whereas divine spiritual activity educates people to love, ennobles them and makes them strive towards God's nearness.

And therefore the human being will very easily be able to distinguish which forces control him. The human being cannot act and think well if he is influenced by evil, demonic forces which have power over him. His thinking and acting will always be according to the power that controls him.

If the human being endeavours to live in a way that is pleasing to God, good spiritual forces, i.e. beings that are flooded with divine power, will also control him. He is then under the influence of the divine spirit, the stream of power from God, which guides all beingness, which he radiates through, back to God.

It is therefore divine spiritual activity when a person's thoughts deal with God, i.e. when, if he lets his thoughts dwell on God, he mentally receives answers to questions that his will wants answered. Furthermore, divine spiritual activity is when his desire for spiritual nourishment is satisfied through the transmission of the divine Word. It is divine working of the spirit when the human being attains the ability to understand the divine Word as God wants it to be understood. ....

It will never be possible to conclude demonic activity where God's will is proclaimed, where love is taught and love is demanded, where wisdom is imparted in a fullness which can never be man-made. Divine spiritual activity will therefore only not be recognised by people who do not close themselves off to demonic activity, who do not offer sufficient resistance to it and therefore have no clear knowledge of God and His spiritual power.

And in order to be able to receive this influx, the human being must open himself, i.e. face it affirmatively, and this can only be done by a person who desires God. But demonic forces have no power over him, consequently he recognises God where He expresses Himself, where His spirit is visibly active.

However, anyone who does not desire God will be pushed by the God-opposing power, whose influence on him is strong and prevents him from recognising. Consequently, he will not recognise the divine working of the spirit or regard it as the working of the one to whom he submits himself through his will. For this is the work of the latter, that it clouds and confuses the human being's thinking and throws the person into doubt whose faith is not strong and unshakeable ....



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