Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2258 13.3.1942

Higher development and failure ....
End of the Redemption Epoch ....

God has granted the beingness an exceedingly long time and given it every opportunity to mature ..... But the opportunities are no longer utilised, and thus earthly life is futile because it is unsuccessful. Spiritual currents remain unheeded, and the inevitable consequence of this is that matter increases, which is actually meant to be reduced .... that the hunger for matter puts people under its spell, that they strive back again towards what they have overcome and from which they should liberate themselves for good.

God does not hinder man and gives him what he desires. The slightest will for spiritual strength is enough to be allowed to receive it unmeasured. But likewise the will for the immature spiritual, the desire for union with matter, is also enough for this will to be fulfilled. God distributes according to merit and will .... as soon as the human being turns away from the spiritual towards the still earth-bound, he no longer strives for higher development of the soul and no longer needs the earth as an educational station for the spirit.

Nevertheless, the earth must continue to exist as such, because this lies in God's plan from eternity .... Who has destined the earth for eternal times. And thus the earth will arise anew, it will contain within itself the spiritual substance which did not recognise its purpose on earth, which does not desire to develop upwards, which was devoid of all love and only wanted to rule but not to serve .... Again, the spiritual being has to endure endless periods of constraint before it can leave the solid form again and strive upwards again under easier conditions ....

An act of transformation will take place which no human mind can imagine, the earth will burst and swallow up everything that lives on it, except for the small flock of believers whom God Himself looks after and protects from destruction .... An earthly period has now come to an end and a new one begins .... an era of redemption will be concluded and the final Judgment will take place, which will bring to every human being what he has striven for .... eternal life or agonising death in renewed banishment .... i.e. a state of complete lifelessness which the beingness feels and has to feel as agony because it did not use the state of free will to finally become free from the form ....



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