Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2318 29.4.1942

Contact with the spiritual world ....

Contact with the spiritual world is so extremely fruitful that it should always be established and striven for anew. People cannot be sufficiently advised to make contact with the giving forces of the spiritual kingdom, for if they abandon themselves to these forces their higher development is guaranteed. Where people lack the strength to do so, they are always willing to transmit it and only require the willingness to receive it, but this can only happen when the human being establishes a conscious connection with the giving forces.

These beings are also subject to conscientious laws, and certain preconditions must be fulfilled if these beings are to be able to take action. But as soon as the human being believes that the spiritual forces can influence his way of life, as soon as he wants to let the influence work on him, the spiritual beings have a certain freedom. They are now allowed to give to the human being at their own discretion, and since they are extremely willing and helpful the human being is abundantly provided for by them and truly need not live in want.

The otherworldly forces often make themselves known to people and want to encourage them to establish a connection with them. They use every opportunity to direct their thoughts to the kingdom which lies beyond the earthly, and as soon as the human being occupies himself with such thoughts, i.e. he dwells with them for a longer time, they are already able to influence him through mental transmissions. But if the work of these beings can be made credible to a person so that he establishes contact with them himself, then a measure of knowledge will mentally flow to him which will no longer let him feel the earthly heaviness in the same way, thus it signifies strength and grace for the human being.

And the spiritual powers can hand out unmeasured, they set no limits as long as the human being does not set such. They are always and forever ready for the earthly child which longs for them, because this was entrusted to their protection and they are allowed to give to it for the time of its earthly career according to their desire. And if they keep in contact with these spiritual beings they will never be without help, for the spiritual beings are very capable and in their love they are always ready to give. Yet people have to initiate the contact themselves, for they may only offer their spiritual gifts to those who make contact with them through mental questions or, believing in their strength, desire them through heartfelt prayer to God or by silently calling upon the powers God has provided for them during their life on earth ....



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