Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2466 6.9.1942

Sacrifice ....
King's Reward - Dwelling Place of the Lord ....

Bring Me every sacrifice and I will reward you for your willingness to sacrifice .... You should not attach your heart to what you possess on earth but strive to free yourselves from all desire for it. You should free yourselves from everything that keeps your senses captive and your heart's desire should be for Me alone, then a change will take place in you which you will find blissful, for then I Myself will take possession of your heart .... Your desire for Me will steadily increase and yet this desire will be pleasing for you at the same time, for I reciprocate it by fulfilling it .... for as soon as you push towards Me I take hold of you and draw you towards Me ....

I love you, and you also experience My love as quiet, blissful contentment, as a feeling of secure safety, as a feeling of strength consciousness and inner freedom. Love for Me makes you soft and devoted and yet also strong and free .... because I Myself unite with you, who have overcome all desire on earth and only desire Me. Your heart's longing shall belong to Me, I alone want to reign in it, and therefore you must unhesitatingly surrender what still tempts you, that is, what is still part of the world. You truly exchange far more glorious things if you make sacrifices for My sake, for My love compensates you for everything, My love royally rewards you for your sacrifice, for with My love I give Myself to you, and this for eternity ....

For once My love has taken possession of you, you will remain inseparably united with Me, you will have reached your goal on earth and I can bestow upon you the most precious gift .... you may hear My voice, you may constantly speak to Me and always be aware of My answer .... you are in intimate union with Me and this is unspeakably happy and blissful, and never again do you desire earthly goods, never again do you long for the time of earthly fulfilment, you only strive for spiritual good, you only desire Me and My Word, and My love is the highest fulfilment for you .... Therefore, try to detach yourselves from the goods of this world, surrender everything that still belongs to the world, call upon Me for help if you are too weak and give your heart to Me as your own so that I can take abode in it and remain with you for all eternity ....



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